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  1. slick

    Getting rid of Live Rock

    I'm taking my tank down. I have aprox 30 lbs of LR that I need to get rid of. Anyone interested contact me at
  2. slick

    contact me please

    Taking down my bio cube. Need to find a home for 35lbs of lr and other equipment. If interested contack me direct at
  3. slick

    This is just stupid and will eventually cause member to leave. Everyone talks about how hosts this site for free and blah blah blah. It’s been around a long time and has done fine, so why all of the sudden do they need to start charging to sell items on here? Say what you will, but its...
  4. slick


    It's just a way for them to make money. Look, they can say whatever they want about the old classifieds being used incorrectly or whatever, but they felt like they were missing out on their piece of the pie. I've been around here a long time, and part of the reason I very rarely visit anymore is...
  5. slick

    29G Bio cube

    Set up is still for sale guys. Will let it go CHEAP. Let me know
  6. slick

    29G Bio cube

    You can reach me directly at
  7. slick

    29G Bio cube

    Due to the birth of our second daughter, I need to sell my 29G Bio cube. It has about 30lbs of figi live rock, 2 new 14k pc lights and a skimmer in the back compartment. I cant remember the brand of the skimmer as it was a while ago but you may be able to figure it out from pics. This will be...
  8. slick

    Who will win the Super Bowl?

    The Titans will not go far. Young has a injured hamstring which will slow down his ability to scramble. So they will prob loose to Chargers. Jacksonville vs Pitt could go ether way depending on how well big Ben plays. As far as Indy goes, will Harrison play? If not that has a big impact on them...
  9. slick

    Computer savy people I need advice

    I'm looking for a desktop replacement laptop. I'm not reall into all the terms and stuff. But I'm also not clueless. Basicly I'm looking for something that can handle all the basic stuff like emails, documents and all that. But also have enough power to handle our digital camera, camcorder and...
  10. slick

    magnetic acrylic cleaner on glass

    Yes you can. The acrylic magnet cleaners generally use weaker magnets to help prevent scratching on acrylic.
  11. slick

    Need advice on removing divider in bio cube

    well yeah but like I said above there is already water in it. But thats probably my only option.
  12. slick

    Need advice on removing divider in bio cube

    Hey everyone I've been a member here a long time but have been away a long time. Anyway I just got a Bio Cube 29 gallon and am doing some mods to it. I'm having problems removing the divider in the first chamber. Anyone have suggestions? I've tried pushing it down. I've tried bending wire to...
  13. slick

    Painting new tank

    Originally Posted by hot883 When I remodled my office (where my 125 gallon is) I used a blue color on the wall behind the fish tank. I then used the same paint on the back glass of the tank so you look at the tank and it blends in very well with the wall. I used a brush and 2 coats. My blue...
  14. slick

    Putting Faces to the Names

    Wow lots of new faces since I was here last. Been out of the hobby a while now, but thinking about getting back into it. What happened to all of the old regulars here "broomer5, sammystingray, etc..." I look forward to getting to know all you great people and learning along the way cheers. Pic 1...
  15. slick

    Just Moved Tank

    I would not add any more fish at this time. Even though your levels appear ok now moving a tank can dissturb things and cause some die off. Just wait a while and make sure its stable.
  16. slick

    Some pics of my friends 240

    That tank is amazing. Great job
  17. slick

    Whats up yall

    I'm talking just the tank itself. Everything else I can pretty much make myself or have laying around somewhere.
  18. slick

    Whats up yall

    Hey guys I've been away a long time but now peeking back. Some of you might remember me, some won't. Anyway been away from tank altogether for awhile now and looking to get a tank going again possibly. I think I'll just stick to a 90g tank as I already have a cannopy I built for a 90 I had back...
  19. slick

    Acrylic Vs. Glass

    Acrylic does scratch very easily. I had a 240 acrylic and was very carefull and there were still scratches inside it. So IMO I like glass better. And yes any scratches no matter how small are visibly distracting.
  20. slick

    Sand Question

    I agree, just go get some new sand and start your tank out the right way.