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  1. nativemic

    Watts per gallon???

    what kind of lights are you looking at pc, vho- or metal halides because that will make a big difference also
  2. nativemic

    12 gallon nano cube owners: NEED HELP!

    you can try putting a larger pump in, but i have not had a flow problem with mine. i have the heater in the back so you dont see it and i also put some small rocks in the back in place of the bio balls to help with filtration. good luck with yours
  3. nativemic

    please show me some of your fish pics

    clown and gramma
  4. nativemic

    Best Pic

    still new with camera
  5. nativemic

    lights for 5 gallon hex?

    i have the eclipse 5hex would a 50/50 20 watt be to much?:notsure:
  6. nativemic

    xenia question

    it is already pretty close to the light so i dont think thats it. and the base is turning white with a small part of brown but the rest is still the same color and pulsing----o wait i just saw one of the hands float by is that a bad sign is it dieing:confused:
  7. nativemic

    xenia question

    i recently purcheased a stock of xenia and it has been doing fine for 2 weeks. all of a sudden the base has turned white and appeaers to have shrunk. should i be worried or is it trying to move to a new rock? the rest of it still looks good --not as good as it has but still ok.any advice would...
  8. nativemic

    new 5 gallon

    i have started a 5 gallon on my desk and was wondering what--if any fish would do well in it? any ideas would be greatly appreciated. by the way it is a eclipse hex with factory filter but i added a small submersible filter that rates at 60 gph flow --it has a 50/50 15watt light, crushed coral...
  9. nativemic

    Goby for a 10g

    i have seen different post on people saying they bought them together and also seperate. i dont think it really makes a difference. but just like people they have there own personalitys so not all will pair up,--but most do. i have a wacthman and a pistol in my nano at work and they are great...
  10. nativemic

    Goby for a 10g

    yellow watchman's are very cool and they pair up with the pistol shrimp nicely :) they take turns standing gaurd to there cave , it is very funny to watch