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  1. olga21

    My new peacock mantis

    Awesome! Does he hide alot? Also you think I could put one in a 6 gal nano?
  2. olga21

    mighty putty???

    R.I.P Billy!!!
  3. olga21

    mighty putty???

    Kinda fell weird talking about Billy Mays now but hows the putty going. Reef safe?
  4. olga21

    Please My Fish Gonna Die??

    Dont worry he should be fine. No worries!
  5. olga21

    to many fish

    I like the question!
  6. olga21

    mighty putty???

    Awesome, Im Sold! Once again good post and thanks for the idea!
  7. olga21

    lyretail hog and candy hog

    Can I put a small lyretail hogfish with a small twinspot (candy) hogfish? Are will they duke it out when they get older? Thanks
  8. olga21

    Marine Grass???

    Lol, funny post.
  9. olga21

    mighty putty???

    THE POWER OF MIRICLE PUTTY- Got to love Billy Mays, he could sell a deaf man ear plugs. but thanks for the idea I need some stuff like that. thanks again for the post and idea.
  10. olga21

    collette's reef basslet

    My collettes reef basslet arrived today. He seems very timid and shy unlike most the other basslets I have had. Trying to find some more info on them but the internet is not providing much. Wondering if someone can give me some tips on keeping them?
  11. olga21

    refugium question...don't know where to begin

    Im interested too. Wish someone would chime in! Thanks for the question, wish I could help.
  12. olga21

    I've got Mustangs!

    Hey great pics. They are so funny. How is the feeding going?
  13. olga21

    Heteractis Magnifica and Clown

    yup, that is exactly what he is doing. He keeps getting stuck in my koralia3 powerhead. Other than that he is doing pretty good. Im keeping the t-5s on him for 10 hours a day.
  14. olga21

    The Rarest Tang?

    Yea, I change my vote. Powder Red Tang
  15. olga21

    Heteractis Magnifica and Clown

    Hello, I just got my anenome (Heteractis Magnifica ) and I was wondering why it is so difficult to keep. I have had a long tentacle anenome for a year so I was hoping to keep the Heteractis Magnifica with the same success. If anybody can give me some tips I would appreciate it bc I love my...
  16. olga21

    The Rarest Tang?

    yea, the Jewel Tang gets my vote. Also I like the Desajardi (spelling?) tang. Not the most expensive but very regal with round spots and I dont see them that often.
  17. olga21

    Tusk vs Mystery Wrasse

    Well, the mystery wrasse died. I was refunded my money so I will try to get something more aggresive this time. thx
  18. olga21

    Tusk vs Mystery Wrasse

    How long u think I can keep the myseri wrasse in the 6 gallon nano?
  19. olga21

    Tusk vs Mystery Wrasse

    Do you thank it was correct to pull the mysteri wrasse out are let him come out on his own? I felt that the Tusk scared him enough that he would never had come out. The Tusk would have eatin him alive and the mysteri did nothing to stop him. Then when I pulled him and rock out of the water he...
  20. olga21

    Tusk vs Mystery Wrasse

    Yea, that the plan. I am using my 6 gallon nano cube as the quaratine tank right now. There is no fish in there. The Mystery Wrasse is doing great, he is eating brine and swimming around. I have to say that they are hardy. This has been the most adversity I have experienced and I have had...