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  1. veronicad

    Some new pony and fish pics

    Beauty!!! So, using a chiller....what kind of horses? Can I ask how much did the chiller run you? What is the difference, if any, between a nano chiller and an ordinary chiller? Eventually I'm thinking of having a very small tank, probably 10-hex which will need a chiller. Naturally, for a...
  2. veronicad

    good book

    On seahorses in general, no. But I've found a most excellent book on care/keeping of dwarves. Although I think I recall they're not your favorite species? Anyway, the author is Alyssa Abbott Wagner. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the title? You can PM me or search online under the...
  3. veronicad

    well I'm getting a dwarf

    Very cool. More info on the tank you're adding it to?
  4. veronicad

    water conditions

    You could keep dwarf seahorses in a 12 gal. Harder to find captive bred, but not impossible.
  5. veronicad

    dwarf seahorses.....

    Hi I hope to get my tank within the week and begin setting up. Still hoping to begin adding ponies in mid-July if all goes well. If I don't do too badly, I'd like to get another tank in the fall and set up for Breviceps. Thank you for your interest; I'll keep everyone posted.
  6. veronicad

    dwarf seahorses.....

    Wow. This puts everything I was planning into a different light. Some adjustments will need to be made to my 'plan', and other things are just as I thought. Thank you for your help with this different perspective on things.
  7. veronicad

    dwarf seahorses.....

    That's my plan too. So did you actually boil your rock? Nothing exploded or anything, eh? How long did you leave it in boiling water?
  8. veronicad

    New beginnings

    I am SO happy for you!! I know how it feels to get the 'go-ahead' from your honey!! Waiting on progressive updates......
  9. veronicad

    New beginnings

    Yeah!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Keep posting about your progress. Are you planning dwarves again? I'll be starting up a dwarf tank this summer, and I'm also planning to culture as many pods as I can before the ponies get here. So, in your office; do you have the pleasure of working from...
  10. veronicad

    Seahorse Compatibility Chart

    One thing I love about this forum is the willingness of those with experience to reach out to help those new to the hobby, rather than go on and on about how difficult it is to keep seahorses..... being all standoffish like 'if you're new, don't even think of trying'. I'm new, but I think with...
  11. veronicad

    starting a dwarf seahorse tank

    Hey, jst2sweet4u, where are you getting your dwarves from? Are they CB? If you can't say on here, you can PM me.... Thanks BTW, fireangel, your tank is amazing!! It looks much bigger than a 6 gal..... I've been looking at LFS for dead seafan, and so far no luck. Anyway, nice setup!! Have...
  12. veronicad

    tank isze

    You can keep dwarf seahorses in a 10 or sometimes smaller; 5 or 6 gallon is possible, you just have to be really on top of the water quality.
  13. veronicad


    Hi This person had a tank listed in classified not too long ago, and I'd like to talk more about it, if it's even still available. Please PM me or reply to this thread. Thanks
  14. veronicad


    Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with Kynsee. This person had a nano tank listed not too long ago, and I wanted to talk a little bit about it, if it's even still available. Either PM me, or reply to this thread please. Thank you.
  15. veronicad to me

    Absolutely. Forethought is always better than being sorry after. My plan is to study the swing, then maybe use a heater to cut out the low end. if i don't let it drop below 65, and the natural high is 68/9, that cuts the swing significantly, eh? Obviously, I'm gonna study it up thoroughly...
  16. veronicad

    initial setup Q's

    Funny, NY!!! You really are sounding a little sleep deprived!! JK!! I'll keep checking on 'marble safety' I guess I've got a few more weeks until i set up, eh? Well, I'm hoping to get more input so I can kinda take a survey of opinions and weigh things..... I'll catch ya'll tomorrow!!
  17. veronicad

    initial setup Q's

    K. Curious, though... About the marbles, why not? They're glass and nonporous. I can't see why the salt would make any difference? I'm not arguing, just please clarify. Thx!!
  18. veronicad

    24 Gallon Nano Cube Tank/stand

    Hey, have you sold this tank yet? Why are you getting rid of it after only 1 month? I'm interested, but would you consider holding it (money down, of course) until I can get it? Where in Wisconsin are you? PM me, please, so we can talk more. Thanks! Veronica
  19. veronicad

    Pics of newbies!!!

    B-U-T-ful!!! (BeeeUoooTeeeeFul) You're right, the color is amazing!! Enjoy the horses, and I hope 'lil man feels better soon.
  20. veronicad to me

    K. So, my 'test' temp dipped to 60 overnight, and is currently around 62ish. So I'd say preliminary findings show that if I add a small heater to avoid the overnight dip....say, not let it go below 64, I may be able to get away with just keeping them at room temp. Even with the lamp on all...