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  1. fishbytes

    Fish and Poker

    Sounds good to me. I have the Texas hold 'em bug :D I am signed up.
  2. fishbytes

    my fish died in my tank should i remove it?

    ummm. Your tank has got to be a mess. One more time, my vote? Take it out. If my fish are looking funny they get moved. How long did you have him? Did you feed him peanut butter and jelly-fish for dinners? :)
  3. fishbytes

    Longest living fish

    Does fresh water fish count? I had a Longnose Gar for almost 10 years. The big blackout got him. Most of my fresh water fish live for 3 plus years easy. I do agree with reefeel, the bigger tend to have the upper hand, er fin in life. :yes: As far as diseases go, keep a close eye on any new...