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  1. tallone

    Id Please

    I agree with Graham...a pod of sorts
  2. tallone


    I have two fighting conchs in my tank along with many snails. The conchs help sift the sand which is beneficial to a dsb. I would not substitute conchs for snails as the two are beneficial for seperate reasons.:)
  3. tallone

    So, are Emerald Crabs reef safe or not?

    I think the emeralds are fine if they have enough to eat. I feed mine dried seaweed on occasion because they started nipping at my button polyps and they will eat that coralline algae we all love so much.:D
  4. tallone

    Water movement ?

    Thanks again...I am leaning towards my second choice of softies and polyps. I started the tank in Oct with LS an LR and have forced myself to take my time. Good thing! It is really starting to look good and the h2o chemistry is right where I want it. I have a little cyno bacteria problem but...
  5. tallone

    Full tank shot

    hey graham, beautiful tank...what type of camera do you use for those close ups? incredible detail.;)
  6. tallone

    Water movement ?

    Thanks very much for your informative response. I greatly appreciate it. I have a 25g with (2)Penguin 550 powerheads (145gph) and currently running the Coralife 2x65w PC lighting system. Sounds like I might need more lighting for SPS?:D
  7. tallone

    Water movement ?

    I have a question about levels of water movement when searching for sps. I have read that 10x the volume of the tank is ideal. Would this be in the medium range of suggested movement? Same goes for lighting, actually. Does anyone have a Low, Med, High range laid out for movement and lighting?;)
  8. tallone

    Hang on protein skimmer recommenations

    Two thumbs up on the CPR Bac-Pac IIR. I empty the collection cup every day. Not that it fills up that much over night, I just can't stand looking at that gunk.:D
  9. tallone

    LR prices at my LFS

    hey dvs, i purchased my lr from these guys and they were top quality pieces and the price was very resonable. 25lbs for 109.99 and that included shipping to Cali. A couple of nice polyps hitched a ride. I would highly recommend.:p