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  1. mudplayerx

    Lighting Schedule & Mounting

    Thanks, you really put my mind at ease. Thanks for the lighting schedule too! :)
  2. mudplayerx

    Lighting Schedule & Mounting

    Hello guys, I just bought a new lighting fixture for my 75 gallon tank. It is a canopy style combo of 2x 250W HQI metal halide lamps, 4x 54W T5 HO lamps, and 6x dual Bluemoon LED. I only have experience with the lighting on my 55 gallon tank, which are 2x pendant style 150W HQI metal halide...
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    Getting Rid of Worms

    I have Oenone fulgida worms. The only thing that keeps them from feeding is the metal halides. How long can you leave metal halides on without harming invertebrates, corals, fish, etc? Is it possible to leave them on long enough to starve out the worms?
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    Do the worms have hard tubes that they retreat into? Are they long and stringy like a piece of thread? Do they have a bunch of tentacles like spaghetti? How thick are they? Do they secrete spider-web kind of strands?
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    Cyano question?

    Originally Posted by PEZenfuego Lets try to stay on topic mudplayerx! This is my thread, don't bring this crap in here. I've really had enough of you two, and I'm not the only one getting a little tired of your bad attitudes on this site. Be aware that your behavior is being monitored. I...
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    Cyano question?

    Originally Posted by spanko I have seen this kind of talk in a couple of your posts now. Are you a contract security officer hired by SWF to keep us all in line? Either way you have certainly alienated yourself from my having much to do with you. The loss of your company will truly haunt me.
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    They should be kept out of the direct light and should recieve good, alternating flow. A powerhead directed at them will not be sufficient. They need an alternating current from something like a wavemaker or a powerhead with an adaptor on it that allows it to spin. Never expose your sponge to...
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    Anemone Feeding

    To have the anemones stay the same size, feed once a week. To have them grow feed 2-3 times a week. The recommendations of using uncooked seafood is a very good one. It is the healthiest and least expensive.
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    Blue Velvet Nudibranch

    It will more than likely starve to death in your tank. I don't know why anyone would recommend one to you. It will devour the flatworms in your tank within a week and then have nothing to eat.
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    black bristleworm?

    Originally Posted by manners i think that i have the same problem my lfs said it was ok to be in the tank but now im paranoid i dont know how big it is because it always has one end in a rock but if i were to guess it would be at least 6-10 in. also i looked at the traps and unless there are...
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    Too many corals?

    Keep a hefty supply of activated carbon around and you have no worries. Just make sure to replace it every week. I literally keep sps and softies in the same 10 gallon tanks this way. (fragging)
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    can anyone please help me?

    Your salinity seems low. Needs to be at least 1.024, and I would suggest 1.026
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    Can you have too many bristle worms?

    Originally Posted by GeoJ In short no you can’t have to many. They increase and decrease with their food source. So if you think there are many more now then maybe some change has increased their food. Agree 100% Don't worry about your bristleworms. Think of them as disgusting little elves...
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    New Blog, With Videos

    Just wanted to share the blog I started. So far I have uploaded 4 videos of my tank. You can click the blog link or click:
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    black bristleworm?

    Originally Posted by jchmiel looks at my photo, i think its the same kind but mines red. Still in the tank for about a year now. He never touched anything that I know of. They are fine until they get bigger.
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    how poisonous are lion fish ?

    Originally Posted by aussie260 how poisonous are they to both humans and other fish ?are we talking like a bee sting or much more serious . can it kill tankmates with its poison ? thanks for the help They generally won't bother other tankmates, but if you get stung it is much worse than a...
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    Lighting question

    Originally Posted by Anjiro I was asking if the effects of the heat is bad for the bulbs themselves.... Or is it just water temp I have to watch? I assume that its the water temp that is in need of the most attention. I appreciate both of your responses. :) I don't think heat would hurt the...
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    Originally Posted by Janestar Twice a day. The frozen cube mysis shrimp Once a day should be more than enough feeding.
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    Heater controller

    Originally Posted by JDL i dont think we are talking about the same thing. The Aquacontroller III made my nepture systems is a $300 controller for the head unit only. some company probably does just make a temperature controller. the aquacontroller Jr and the reefkeeper lite are great starter...
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    Rock Question

    Experts always advise against having the rockwork touch the glass at all. It can crack the glass or cause stress on the silicone seals. I know this sounds preachy and overprotective, but imagine coming home to 55 gallons of saltwater on the floor. :D