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  1. wowreefs

    WTB: 1" clear U-tube

    You can get one here for $5 http://www.**************.com/produc...1&N=2004&Nty=1
  2. wowreefs

    Wtb sump, overflow, and pump

    I have an overflow box for sale rated upto 900+gph. $20+shipping
  3. wowreefs

    FS: CPR 1400gph Overflow box, paypal only

    Hey what about your pump you had posted up last time. I wanted to have a friend do a local pick up for me. Are you for real with what you are selling?:thinking:
  4. wowreefs

    FS: 48" 260watts 4X65 with moonlite

    chazz66 tell you what ill give it to you for $150. If you pick up. Thanks.
  5. wowreefs

    FS: 48" 260watts 4X65 with moonlite

    Please, Do some of you have nothing better to do then put up stupid post! Sure you can get one for $50 shipped but shipping is more then half that, must a really good friend of yours. I don't care if your lfs sells it for $200. I don't live anywhere near there and so do many people here.
  6. wowreefs

    FS: 48" 260watts 4X65 with moonlite

    $50 Yes i do have proof. If you can find it 200buck then get it yourself.
  7. wowreefs

    FS: 48" 260watts 4X65 with moonlite

    I can give a link to where i got it. http://www.**************.com/produc...&N=2004+113176 It has been used for 3 month but in Excellent condition. blubs are expected to last 1 1/2 years or so. I had it over my 75 oceanic reef tank and its very bright. It will do very well in a 55 also. The...
  8. wowreefs

    FS: Mag 9.5 3 months old Paypal only

    How about a friend of mine come pick it up? Cash upfront is always safer
  9. wowreefs

    FS: 48" 260watts 4X65 with moonlite

    I have a 48" 260watt Powercompact with moonlite for sale. Made by orbit. asking $220 shipped. I just upgraded to metal halide so i can keep clams and sps. This is a great fixture for soft corals, anemone, Most LPS. What i miss most is the moonlite.
  10. wowreefs

    2x96w coralife aqualight for sale

    forgot to metion i paid 300 for it not including shipping.
  11. wowreefs

    2x96w coralife aqualight for sale

    I have a 48" 65wX4 with moonlite for sale asking (220)shipped. Used for <3months, made by orbit. In excellent condition. Upgraded to Metal halides.
  12. wowreefs

    Fish in MN for sale

    I'll takem' can you drop them off at my house? Got anything else for sale?:)
  13. wowreefs

    Offers wanted

    Please list what type of skimmer,pump, glass or acrylic tank? Are you willing to sell the icecap 660 seperate?
  14. wowreefs

    amphipod control

    Can someone recommend a reefsafe fish that will help control amphipod. My Manderin dragonet doesn't seem to be very interested at the amphipod but is doing quite well picking at copepods.
  15. wowreefs

    Critter on glass

  16. wowreefs

    Clownfish Insight

    Will young clown be more likely to host then older ones? I have a clown that is 1 year old and has been swimming next to the glass all this time.
  17. wowreefs


    What about feeding? How often, should i feed mine? If at all.