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  1. jim672

    Soounds fishy to me!

    Pet fish altered with glowing results SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The nation's first genetically altered household pet — a fish that glows in the dark — is set to begin appearing in stores next month, everywhere except perhaps California, the only state with a ban on lab-engineered species. The...
  2. jim672


    dlc, Welcome to the Board. You've certainly received an interesting indoctrination! If by "airation" you mean adding air bubbles to your tank by way of an air-stone or other artificial device, the answer is DON'T. Air bubbles rie to the surface and pop. The water that leaves the tank...
  3. jim672

    Night time

    I don't know of anyone who leaves their daytime lights on at night. To the contrary, fish and coral are used to light schedule of sunrise to sunset and do require some non-light time to "rest". For those who want to be able to look around after normal lights out time there are "moon light"...
  4. jim672

    any ideas on fish

    Flamehawk is a great looking little fish, fun to watch and reef safe. Jim
  5. jim672

    New user introducing himself!

    Although keeping multiple tangs can be hit-or-miss, your chances of success will improve if you avoid keeping multiple tangs with the same body shape. In your case, at least until you do upgrade to the 650, I wouldn't add the naso. You'll have a better chance with the sailfin, since it's shape...
  6. jim672

    New Reef Tank setup /Best Test Kit / Methods of Testing Water Quality

    Mike, Why not put the live rock into your 55 with the fluval 404 and let the die-off from the lr start your cycle? Track your cycle's progress by testing daily or every other day. Don't do any water changes until the cycle has completed......usually 4 to 6 weeks. No lighting is required...
  7. jim672

    marine bettas

    Marine Bettas can grow to 8" or more and are not recommended for reef systems. They're nocturnal and require lots of places to hide from bright lights. Suggested for fish only systems. Jim
  8. jim672

    new XM bulb in place

    Hey jon, I'm running a 175w 10K Ushio and a pair of 96w VHO's. I'm not thrilled by the brightness or color of my MH. What is the XM bulb? I paid about $79 for the Ushio and was pleased with that price but if I can get a brighter bulb for less money.......I'm there. Thanks. Jim
  9. jim672

    192 watts enough light for corals?

    G13, The only coral I'd recommend would be low-light corals like mushrooms. For most corals,96 watts over a 45 gallon tank isn't much. I have a 45 gallon also and have 370 watts of MH and VHO and I won't even try SPS corals. I've also had only short-term sucess with clams. Jim
  10. jim672

    time for the hard part...

    Chromis are pretty and although one would look nice they do like to school. Three or more in a tank is suggested but htree more fish in your tank eould really be pushing the max bio-load. The royal gramma is a beautiful little fish. They can get a little territorial but shouldn't bother...
  11. jim672

    green alge all over my cc

    jb1 has you on the right track. I switched my tank from cc to live sand a couple years ago. I just used one of the substrait "vacuums" to pick up all the cc. I did clean it real well first to get rid of as much detritus as I could so my water wouldn't be a total mess. While I had cc, I used...
  12. jim672

    New member to the tank

    You've probably heard the old saying,"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"? Well, substitute clown for horse and carpet anemone for water and you have your answer.;) Seriously, there doesn't seem to be any way to tell what, or if, a clown will adopt an anenome or coral...
  13. jim672

    green alge all over my cc

    Where are you getting your water that you use for top-offs and water changes? Have you tested your tank water for phosphates and silicates? If you're using tap water (or even some bottled water) you probably have elevated levels of phosphate/silicate which is probably causing your algea...
  14. jim672

    Not a 6-pak...

    NM, I love the juvenile hippo tang. When did you get it? ( I still miss mine. Bought him small but he grew quickly. I didn't know enough to realize my 45 was too small for him....he got ich and, well, you know the end to that story....) Jim
  15. jim672

    Clam from

    Forgot to mention......if you really want a gold just wait a few days. does restock constantly. It probably won't be long until they have some available. I was looking at ordering a flame hawkfish and as I got ready to was out of stock. A week or so later and they had...
  16. jim672

    Clam from

    Dazed1, I received it yesterday and haven't had a chance to take any pics yet. The order form says the clams will be 2" to 3". Mine is 2". Small but very nice and he seems to be acclimating well to my tank. Jim
  17. jim672

    Clam from

    Dazed1, I just received the Ultra I ordered. He's deep blue with black lines. Very pretty. Jim
  18. jim672

    Anyone have a purple or blue lobster??

    I considered one some time ago. Then I read in Fenner's book that they can be pretty disruptive in a reef tank. They get large, have very strong claws and like to move things around. I decided against getting one. I figured I didn't need any help arranging my tank.;) Jim
  19. jim672

    Lighting Upgrade

    My MH bulbs run 9 to 12 months. I've read that the PC bulbs require more frequent replacement than once a year. I do replace the VHO's about every 6 months. Jim
  20. jim672

    What is this coral?

    Deb, Yes, I do feed mine but not regularly. It actually grew quick a bit with very little direct feeding. Here's a slightly better picture..... Jim