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  1. acroman

    I'm taking a sabbatical from

    no one is missing u in north louisiana u thief
  2. acroman

    Music that touches your soul

    hey everyone this guy is a fool dont believe a word he says he screwed alot of people in north louisiana out of alot of money and tanks you good people dont be bothered with this fool he should be banned off this board to
  3. acroman

    my 240 pictures and others

    snakeblittz why do u come on this board and post pics of other stores tanks and try to make yourself look like the saltwater god you tell people u own a fish store i was in your fish store last weekend and you did not even have any fish you said you had to order anything i wanted that you could...
  4. acroman

    orange spotted rabbitfish

    i have one very awesome fish mine will even pick on cyano bacteria
  5. acroman

    My worst nightmare...and a powerful lesson

    yes i am new to this board but not new to fish tanks had them all of my life and had all of these failures even the smallest improfection on the stand can make the silicone on the tank seperate do yourself a huge favor and before you set up your next tank run down to your local hardware store...
  6. acroman

    need help on new set up in monroe la

    yes i am from the monroe area and would like to set up a 240gal SPS tank alot of peaple i talk to on other sites say it is very hard would like to know if it could be done.I need to know what is the top of the line equipment to use. How much lighting i will need. How much water flow.and what...