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  1. dina12

    Some large corals available - Cleveland

    I am going fish only - I just don't have the time for my tank anymore. I still have some large corals that need a good home. Large Toadstool Mushroom - 35.00 Large Rock of green star polyps - 30.00 Lare Rock of mushrooms - 30.00 Large Rock of button polyps -25.00 A torch with at least 7 heads -...
  2. dina12

    I hope its true what they say

    Jenny, I am a true believer in "if He leads you to it, He will lead you through it" I am very sorry for everything you are going though....I will continue to keep you in my thoughts.
  3. dina12

    Christmas Gifts for my Wife? HELP! Free Frag!

    If she likes to read - the new Kindle thing is really cool.
  4. dina12

    Christmas Gifts for my Wife? HELP! Free Frag!

    Put together a "Pamper" basket for her. Nice jammies or a nightie, some candles, some teas, maybe a new music CD, slippers, a robe....just little things to pamper herself with - add a gift card to her favorite store.....hell, I am going to email this to my hubby :-)
  5. dina12

    Worst Christmas present you've received

    I would have to say it was a fire extinguisher. A very thoughful joint gift for me and my husband from HIS parents. I later found out if was a door prize from Bingo......
  6. dina12

    My photo is now on the website!!!!

    How cool is that. Thank you to all who voted for my Puff....Now everyone can enjoy him too...
  7. dina12

    What did you pay for Xenia

    I paid 29.99 for mine - have made over 1000.00 on it in the past year. I suppy 2 local stores as well as sell and trade with other reefers.
  8. dina12

    how many kiddies/extra candy?

    Wow - only 5???? We had over 300 kids here.....well, most of them were adults and older teens - don't get me started on that one. I had 7 pieces of candy left....then my own kids came home - I am now well stocked with about 20 pounds of candy. Should last me the weekend......
  9. dina12

    tobin/seasalts recovery

    Jenny - What pain meds is he on? My Dad was disoriented when he had his lung removed....the drugs totally messed with him. Dad was talking total garbage, trying to get out of bed - he liked the other bed better - swore he had peanut butter stuck to the top of his name it - he saw...
  10. dina12

    Aggressive Reef. - Who has um? - I do. - Pictures.

    Originally Posted by GRabbitt Wow... A puffer in a reef. And he's right next to a snail and a hermit. And they're both still alive? If I tried that with my puffer, I'd be left with a bunch of dead corals and empty shells! Yes - they are still alive.....In the 2 years my Puffer has been in this...
  11. dina12

    Aggressive Reef. - Who has um? - I do. - Pictures.

    Crimzy - You may want to majorly edit your post.....these are 2 seperate tanks.....the reef with the puffer is mine....the first set of pictures belong to the OP. My Puffer is by no way stressed out. He has lived in this reef tank for 2 years - Check my posts - way back, I was showing...
  12. dina12

    Aggressive Reef. - Who has um? - I do. - Pictures.

    I also have an aggressive reef....It works well for me - here are a few pics - My Puff lives very happily with his crab and snail friends......the bottom picture is only 1/4 of the the last picture - my Puff is hiding behind the have to look really close.
  13. dina12

    checking interest in DI resin and Carbon

    I am going to get pricing on Monday for these items. My Husband does Water Purification for hospials and Dialysis centers. I can get these in HUGE quantities and break them down to managable sizes. Just checking interest on them - I will be able to ship these also...... Let me know if you...
  14. dina12

    Porcupine Puffer

    Here is my Puffer - the one pictured on this site is way to skinny :-)
  15. dina12

    need booster prayers

    Jenny - My heart goes out to you guys. My Dad JUST got out of the hospital for having his lung removed due to cancer. After his surgery - they inserted a tube down his nose into his tummy. This was because of an Ileus which is VERY common after surgery. The tube was used to remove blood and...
  16. dina12

    Coral life span question

    I purchased a large amout of Aquacultured corals from a company almost 2 years the past 3 months they have all died. We are talking a Brain, frogspawn, torch, candy canes, xenia and some SPS's. All my other corals are doing great - my water readings are within normal limits and none...
  17. dina12

    well, after almost 7 years

    Congrats!!! A little story for you - When my first son was born - he came home to a pink and purple winnie the pooh bedroom with 100 dresses in his closet......... The sonograms can be wrong....I can laugh at in now...took me about 13 years....
  18. dina12

    First Xenia frag

    Originally Posted by larryndana Frag and sell is what i'd recommend, It is a a great thing that Xenia does not ship well. I supply 2 LFS's with all they want.......
  19. dina12

    First Xenia frag

    Originally Posted by Veni Vidi Vici Hmmmm,i wonder how that would look?A wall of Xenia for a backdrop. Like this - LOL
  20. dina12

    Feeding Schedule?

    Well - I am the odd tanks get fed 3 times a day and my Porc. Puffer eats up to 5 times a day. Although - everytime I look at them - they act like they haven't eaten in 3 months...