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  1. fishman88


    well i am down sizing my 29 and i need to get rid of a few things and if u have a 12 gallon nano cube u are willing to trade for some stuff in my tank give me a email and i will give u a list of what i have. mike :happyfish
  2. fishman88

    skimmer for sale

    i have a bak-pak 2r skimmer for sale i got it for $150 i only used it for about a year the only thing wrong with it is the pump does not work. but even if it did i would not recomened using it. this skimmer is in very good condition and works great. the only reason i am selling it is because...
  3. fishman88

    For Sale!!!

    bump!!! i will sell the heater for $20 (or best offer) the tank for $30 (or best offer) and the stand for $30 (or best offer) as soon as i get $100 i am goin to buy a 12 nano cube then ther wil be 2 900 maxi jet power heads for sale, 100 watt heater, live rock, live sand, JbJ lighting, 29...
  4. fishman88

    For Sale!!!

    hey guys i have a 30 gallon long tank with a metal stand. the stand is in very good condition and the tank well i will have to clean it out. i am sorry but i will not ship the tank nor the stand i live in maryland so anyone close or hear and want it contaced me i will sell it...
  5. fishman88


    i am gettin rid of the pc's and getting new lights mike
  6. fishman88


    i have a 29 gallon tank and rite now i have 2 65 pc's on it for lighting. for my birthday witch is comming soon i have $200 to spend on lighting... i would like to get 4 vho's or t5's for my tank it doesnt have to be fancy just a ballast and end caps, and mybe a reflector. please send me some...
  7. fishman88

    my 40 gallon

    are pipe fish agressive?
  8. fishman88

    starting a 3 gallon

    kool thanks u guys mike:happyfish
  9. fishman88

    starting a 3 gallon

    i got a 3 gallon eclips tank today and i am goin to make it a reef. first i would like to know if i could keep a goby in it probably not and second could you guys that have a eclips 3 gallon and put new lights in it could you show me your set up and lighting and could you tell me where you got...
  10. fishman88


    well atleast you no they are eating there greens :D mike :happyfish
  11. fishman88

    cling fish

    omg i have been looking for a salt water fish like that since i began this hobby i never thought they excisted i would love to find out some info on them too. mike :happyfish
  12. fishman88

    Too freaking cute!!!!!!!!!

    you can still feed it food rite? cuz that guy cant die he is the koolest fish!!! mike :happyfish
  13. fishman88

    isnt it funny how things change?

    hahaha id rather not i remember some of the stupid stuff i said lol and i kinda want to forget about them.. but hey all in the learning experence mike :happyfish
  14. fishman88

    Algea - HELP

    im sorry how big is yr tank? if it is a 55 get maybe 2 more sallys. myn cleans that goopy algea and i would get a lawnmower blenny but get it small because too big and the rest of the fish you get will be harassed by it... i no mike :happyfish
  15. fishman88


    haha welcome to the club... this happend to me. what i did is i got a good filter (penguin 330) and put that baby on there that did the trick and it worked in about 2 hours... but befor i had that all i did was turned off the powerheads and let it all settal. and also do about a 10 gallon...
  16. fishman88

    isnt it funny how things change?

    i was just thinking back to when i was first getting into saltwater. i was going to have a 20 gallon agressive tank with a small lion fish and a snowflake eel. but then i found out i couldnt have the lion fish... not the snowflake... so i decided to go with a nano reef. so i started asking...
  17. fishman88

    What are these fuzzy white cones??

    Originally posted by JawfishRay yes yes the computer fan thing will keep your q-tip sponge population down, just like walking backwards in a rain storm will cause Aptisa to melt. Ray ohh man really?!?!?!?!?! and all this time i was tryiying to kill them with peps ... but now thanks to you i...
  18. fishman88

    Need fast id on shrimp with pics

    well since it is not reef safe i vote to eat it.... hey shrimp are good and even better with cocktail sauce :D mike :happyfish
  19. fishman88

    what is that coral?

    thanks mike :happyfish
  20. fishman88

    what is that coral?

    kool i have a 29 with 2 65 watt pc is that enof? and what is the name of them? thanks mike :happyfish