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  1. browniebuck

    I lost my mom this morning

    sorry for your will be three years in June since I lost my mom...fortunately, time does take the sting away, but it always hurts. Hopefully, you will get the same kinds of signs that I have gotten from my mom since she has passed...the day she died, outside the nursing home (she was...
  2. browniebuck

    Powder blue tang

    I have had mine since is in with my lavender tang, flagfin angel, longnose butterfly, 2 orange lyretail anthias, ocellaris clown, 2 firesifh, half black angel, mandarin, and midas blenny....he was in QT for 3 weeks (couldn't keep him in the QT any was driving my wife...
  3. browniebuck

    OK, This is just too creepy

    I, too, think that the commercial is powerful. He has talked openly about disappointing his mother, wife, children, friends, and fans. He is now, in a way, facing the man that molded him into the superstar that he is. I see this as his looking to his father for guidance, forgiveness, and...
  4. browniebuck

    The Plight of the Burmese Python in the USA/FL Continues

    air temp here has been unseasonably warm, water temps can't be higher than low 50's (if anywhere near that high). I know that it had to be someone's irresponsible, at least try to find someone in the area that is capable of taking it, this person had to know what was going to happen...
  5. browniebuck

    The Plight of the Burmese Python in the USA/FL Continues

    This guy was fished out of a lake in Canton Ohio (dead, unfortunately).
  6. browniebuck

    First Dinner on the new Grill

    If you don't like sweet, you will hate this stuff, but Sweet Baby Ray's is now my all-time favorite BBQ sauce...I have been using this stuff for several years...I used to use KC Masterpiece, but would have to add a bunch of stuff to it to make it just, with this stuff, I add some...
  7. browniebuck

    Any peanut lovers out there?

    My wife generally gets me a 4 lb bag of in-shell peanuts for football season from the Virginia Peanut Company (they are freaking GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!). I can't keep cashews in my house, or I would sit and eat them by the pound! I also love almonds, pecans, and hard I have to...
  8. browniebuck

    Ima gonna be rich!

    if you aren't going to take advantage of that great opportunity, can I do it??? These people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible, regardless of the law...they are bilking people out of their money, they should have their money taken away...if they have none, string them up and...
  9. browniebuck

    Finnally got one!!! Potters Angel..

    I have used both the Ocean Nutrition and the 2 Little Fishies brands...they all come in virtually the same sized packages (make sure that you rip/crumble the algae so that you don't have sheets of the stuff floating around...I rip mine into about penny sized pieces or a little smaller). My...
  10. browniebuck

    Ok, Well its almost time

    we plant at my in-laws, as my yard is the domain of my pups to do their business. We plant three types of tomatoes (beefsteak, plum, and cherry), cucumbers, zucchini, green peppers, cabbage, lettuce (a couple types, but I don't remember what), herbs (a BUNCH), pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupe...
  11. browniebuck

    Cableguy's 75g (First salt water tank) *Journal*

    one thing that you could do, assuming that your barnacles die off, is get a barnacle blenny, they like to call them home. I have a diadema psuedochromis in our 29 gallon that lives in an old urchin shell...neat to see things get re-used in the tank.
  12. browniebuck

    Cableguy's 75g (First salt water tank) *Journal*

    I believe that there is a product that will do that, pH plus is one of the names that is out there...never had to use it, my saltwater has always been right on in terms of pH (what brand of salt are you using?)
  13. browniebuck

    First Dinner on the new Grill

    for the shrimp...Old Bay and olive oil in a ziploc, marinate the shrimp in the bag (get all the air out) for about half hour...then about YUMMY!!! I plan on some tuna steaks in the very near future...olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and fresh rosemary....medium rare, delicious!!!
  14. browniebuck

    First Dinner on the new Grill

    what do you use to season your steak (out of curiosity...I am a Montreal Steak Seasoning guy...but always looking for new things to try). Also, what did you do with your shrimp...seasoning/marinade?
  15. browniebuck

    Finnally got one!!! Potters Angel..

    I have never had a potters angel, and am by no stretch of the imagination an expert....however, I have had great success getting my fish to eat my own home-made frozen food. I have a flagfin angel that I was told to keep an eye on as it pertains to feeding....he took right to the home-made...
  16. browniebuck

    FOX Fantasy Baseball League

    I started a public/private Fantasy Baseball league on is in need of teams. Those that were entertaining the ESPN can join this one instead (it is a published private league, which means that anyone can join...but I control the settings, so it isn't a "cookie...
  17. browniebuck

    What ring tone are you using?

    the ringy d ding ding dong one??? that's AWESOME!!!
  18. browniebuck

    cleaner shrimp question

    mine took right to all of my fish....I have 5 cleaners and 3 fire shrimp in my 125...I have seen them cleaning gills, fins, and my flagfin angel even likes to have his "teeth brushed"...he will open wide and the shrimp will clean the inside of his mouth. I have 2 separate groups, there are 3...
  19. browniebuck

    Doggie past away... + Cute pic

    sorry to hear of your loss...we lost our 16 year old shetland sheepdog last summer, he came to us when he was 9 (I wanted NOTHING to do with a dog that old, but we were newlyweds and it was hard to say no to my wife....boy am I glad that I listened to her....great dog!). It is weird how much...
  20. browniebuck

    Browniebuck's 125 FOWLR photo diary

    full tank shotsAttachment 240941Attachment 240942 we have had the powder blue for about 2 months now....QT for a month and in the DT for about a month. I was going to wait on the mandarin, but saw the perfect one on Saturday....fat and healthy looking (tank has plenty of pods, but I am still...