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  1. lion_crazz

    180 gallon shark tank

    The main problem is that 180 gallons is not a shark or sting ray tank. In terms of those critters, that is a very small aquarium for them, where they may only be happy for a few months at best.
  2. lion_crazz

    Coral beauty and firefish

    How long have you had the two fish together? Have you change anything recently? Cut back on feeding? Added any more new fish?
  3. lion_crazz

    Ideas on 55 gallon

    Clownfish, gobies, blennies, dotty backs, dwarf puffers or dwarf lions, dwarf angels, cardinalfish, chromis, fairy wrasses, and basslets to name a few. Just avoid tangs, large angels, triggers, butterflies, eels, large lions, groupers, large puffers, and the like. It really all comes down to...
  4. lion_crazz

    spotted puffer

    There are a few members here who have them in their reef tank. However, most times, they are a very bad idea in a reef tank. They typically will devour your clean-up crew, and even if they dont go after your corals, the declining cleanup crew, plus decaying inverts, will do an incredible harm to...
  5. lion_crazz

    Sweatervest's 125g at One Year...

    They are some beautiful pictures! I love the spectrum of your lighting as well. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. lion_crazz

    Feeding my fuzzy dwarf lion

    Are you posting from your iPhone? I just downloaded TapaTalk in the app store and it is a forum app. They have a little button in the bottom corner that lets you post pictures from your photos app. If you are using Safari, it is not possible to post pictures using the attachments button on the...
  7. lion_crazz

    cleaner shrimp compatibilit6y

    The damsels will be fine but I would never recommend adding them to an aquarium. They are way too aggressive for my liking; plus they are impossible to get out. The goby would be a bad choice. They are much too passive and peaceful.
  8. lion_crazz

    water changes, or the lack thereof

    I don't know, I am with reefkprz on this one. I do a 10% water change on all of my tanks once a week and I am very pleased with the health and growth of my livestock.
  9. lion_crazz

    cleaner shrimp compatibilit6y

    What kind of trigger are you talking about? Nine times out of ten, the answer will be no. The puffer and trigger both have a tendency to attack and eat inverts such as shrimp, snails, and hermit crabs. Back when I had my puffer, he ate every invert that I put into the tank - whether it be...
  10. lion_crazz

    Feeding my fuzzy dwarf lion

    The rosy reds are not good at all. The guppies are not the worst, but it will be difficult for you to wean him off of live food if you continue using guppies. Ghost shrimp are your ideal choice because it will train the lion to begin attacking whatever food hits the water. The guppy will swim...
  11. lion_crazz

    Ick hit fast.

    Quote: Originally Posted by sweatervest13 Two questions. Can/should Ick kill a fish that quick? Once ick is in the tank I will have to go fallow for 6-8 weeks and QT my other fish? If I just QT the other fish that does nothing it seems because the parisite can still live. I need to do...
  12. lion_crazz

    Tank parameters have been stable for the last 4 days, when can I add a fish?

    Your parameters don't look bad at all. With a few water changes, you should be able to bring those nitrates down. I would not make anymore additions to the aquarium until they come down though. Plus, bringing them down will make your current inhabitants happy as well. Do you have a protein...
  13. lion_crazz

    my flame rose bubble tip anemone

    Very nice anemone! Just make sure you keep it well fed so that it stays healthy and happy.
  14. lion_crazz

    I had to put my LR in a bucket due to a timy leak, did I cook my LR???

    Yep, I have had my heater cook my tank to 92 and unbelievably, absolutely nothing died and the live rock was unharmed. Even with the temp going up to the mid 80's should be fine.
  15. lion_crazz

    goby not eating

    How long have you had the goby? What are you trying to feed him?
  16. lion_crazz

    new additions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sweet! I love carpenter's wrasses. I thought I was the only one. The crown that the males get on their head is phenomenal. Glad to hear you bought the aurora gobies in a pair as well, they do better that way. Look forward to the pics!
  17. lion_crazz

    Fu Manchu lionfish help?

    Awesome info, saxman. I couldn't agree more. Lionfish, specifically the shyer ones like fu man chu's, need that shelter and hiding space, especially in the beginning. The Fu Man Chu will not be happy or comfortable at all without at least a few caves to retreat to/stay in for the first week or two.
  18. lion_crazz


    "Hit and run" - never heard that used but I like it!
  19. lion_crazz


    Indicative from the brown algae, it sounds like it is a new aquarium. As Flower asked, how long has it been set up and what kind of lights are you currently using on the tank?
  20. lion_crazz

    Has anyone used the Hanna Instruments Alkalinity or Calcium testers?

    Yep, I have used both and I have not had any problems with them. Very reliable and easy to use!