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  1. grumpygils

    Frag Tank New Hood PICS

    Just redid my frag tank hood. Put in 2 X 400MH with 60 inch T5s. These are my first T5s and I love them! In the process of plumbing in the second 3 X 3' frag softy tank. Should have around 200+ G when complete. Mike
  2. grumpygils

    Retro Ballast T5 Wiring Question ANyone?

    There is the end of that dream. SCSINET has spoken and I believe you as you are always some one I can count on! Mike
  3. grumpygils

    Retro Ballast T5 Wiring Question ANyone?

    I am trying to hook up 6 T5 39 Watt bulbs to a 440 ballast. The current VHO wires accomodate 4 bulbs. Is there a way to hbulbs ook up 6 since I have enough to push it? I tried just splitting off of one of the pairs of wires and it didn't work. I can not find any wiring diagram to do this...
  4. grumpygils

    Kent Maxima RO Filter Question

    I have a Kent Marine 4 stage RO/DI unit. It has seemed to be working fine but it was time to change the filters. Few Questions. The first chambers is the standard white prefilter. I inserted it in and have run for about 25-35 gallons and it has not turned brown at all. It looks brand new...
  5. grumpygils

    Am I in Trouble

    You will not be in trouble if you immediatley send each of the posters on this thread a frag overnight! You will not be in trouble. They would PM you if it was an issue. Mc
  6. grumpygils

    Need to Find 72 inch T5 retro Parts

    Can anyone point me to a place that sells T5 Retro reflecors, endcaps and Bulbs. 72 Inch!!! I can find all of th 48 and 60 inch but no 72 inch? Any help would be most appreciated! mc
  7. grumpygils

    what did you pay for your live rock?

    I sell it for a max of 3$/lbs for good purple fiji and 2.50 for moderate colored fiji. I have 75 lbs right now in Raleigh NC for 2.50/lbs. I get it from tank buy outs. I try not to pay any more than 2/lbs. No shipping ever though! I like to make sure people are happy in person! mc
  8. grumpygils

    In sump skimmer selection - 60 gallon fish/reef

    Are you going to do a mesh mod? I just did one to my Euro reef and it went from skimming to Latte froth! Mc
  9. grumpygils

    Mirrors for MH reflectors???????Question

    Found 2 new Lumenarcs for 140 shipped, what a steal. Got them in and they are sweet! Mc
  10. grumpygils

    Best food for Damsels?

    Originally Posted by Patriot54 Whats the best food to feed a damsel. It says they are omniovores, but do they prefer more carnivor based diets over herbivore diets or visa versa. And what brand of food would you recomend? The more varied the diet the better. Damsels will eat about anything...
  11. grumpygils = bust?

    Originally Posted by renogaw I do find it funny that people have no issues selling items on Esmay and losing the paypal % and the % that goes to Esmay. i don't see the big deal about SWA's %... just raise the price of the item to cover it I can honestly say that I have never sold anything on...
  12. grumpygils = bust?

    "As we've said many times, the auction site's objectives were not monetary." Is the 5% to cover the cost of hosting? I certainly understand people abusing the classifieds. I have 5 tanks and two in process, I go through equipment monthly, always upgrading ect..., I am constantly going...
  13. grumpygils

    Allow me to show these off

    Those could be in the top three best zoas I have seen. Nice! Maybe they just rub me right! Mc
  14. grumpygils = bust?

    I used to be a moderate poster here but got sidetracked with the local club. I just started to come back to here and saw SWA. I have since gone to other forums. I bet I have turned 20 people onto this site and I know of least 5 or 6 of them that order from SWF. There are way too many sites...
  15. grumpygils

    Mirrors for MH reflectors???????Question

    Thanks snake, I am just going to have to fork out the jack for Lumenarc IIIs Mike
  16. grumpygils

    Live Rock question

    Is the rock cured? If not, you can put in with little or no water. The rock will start your cycle. This assumes you are pouring in salt water. If you are pouring in ro water, I fill about 3/4ths and mix to proper salinity and then add the rock. That will work for cured or uncured rock. Mc
  17. grumpygils

    Mirrors for MH reflectors???????Question

    I don't think you can, but will ask anyway. Why can't you use mirrors for MH reflectors? Before I go out and drop the jack on three Lumenarc Diamond III's, I wanted to make sure I couldn't do it myself? Any thoughts? I haven't been around this site for a while, but I bet SCSINet knows! Mc...
  18. grumpygils

    70w sunpod question

    Got to thinking about it. Must be a Viper he has if it is 100W, maybe he has a sunpod 150W, he will have to e-mail you. Mc
  19. grumpygils

    70w sunpod question

    Originally Posted by subielover Do you know where a 70 watt sunpod is? I have wanted one for awhile now. PM me. I forwarded your e-mail to my buddy, he has a 100W for $100. Mc