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  1. tentacle

    MH suggestions please

    There has to be a few more of you with an opinion on this.
  2. tentacle

    MH suggestions please

    I have a 120 with Coral Life fixture that has 2 150 10,000 k de lamps plus pc actinic and led moon lights. I have a mixed tank, sps lps zoos clams etc. and am doing fine, but I like flourescence and want more color. Lower par values worry me a bit so I want to make the right choice. From what I...
  3. tentacle

    Seriouslly In Need Of Help

    Couldn't see it either, private myspace thing. Did it look good when you got it? If it looked healthy going in, it could have been shocked going in if the water in your tank was significantly different from what it was raiased and shipped in. Everything else in your tank could look good...
  4. tentacle


    I am not in Sarasota, but am close enough, I have great frags of GSP, yellow polyps, montipora digitata, and some really nice zoas. Bill
  5. tentacle

    FOR SALE Palys/zoas, misc. corals and Mini Carpet Anemones

    I'm not sure how to check the shipping either since I do not know the weight or size of box. I would be interested in a 1 polyp nuclear green, the cat eye, and 1 mini carpet. Could you check to see how much shipped to 33904? Thanks, Bill
  6. tentacle

    Peppermint Shrimp & Feather Dusters

    I have both in the same tank, and have never seen damage, or even seen the shrimp near the dusters. I would suggest other shrimp though, peppermints are mostly nocturnal, and mine hide most of the day and wander when the lights are down, and do not show good color under moonlighting. Get a...
  7. tentacle

    straight out of the ocean?

    I collect some of my own stuff. Most of the local fish that I like are not reef compatible, so I do not include them in my reef, but I have stocked them in other tanks. I do have neon gobies I collected in my reef though. You can't touch any hard corals, sea fans and have to adhere to size and...
  8. tentacle

    French Angel In A Reef Tank

    I think that you could get away with a juvenile french angel for a while, the extremely young ones feed differently than the adults. Unfortunately, what would you do if you found it eating valuable things in the reef? I collect some of my own specimens, and could easily collect a young queen or...
  9. tentacle

    duncan placement

    Mine is mid tank, or slightly above. This is not by choice, since I believe it would prefer to be a bit lower, but it is large and growing fast so I needed to place it higher where I had room. Mine is under a 150 watt coralife 10000 K bulb, with pc actinic light also. I try to aim the flow...
  10. tentacle

    Palm Beach county

    I am in Cape Coral, on the west coast, but get over to Palm Beach frequently. What are you looking for and what do you have to trade?
  11. tentacle

    Zebra Lionfish

    I am by no means an expert on lionfish, but many years ago I read an article that identified that last one as Pterois lunulata. It tends to be sold as a volitans, because it is similar, but differs in shorter "horns" on the head, and the webbing between the pectoral fin rays extends further out...
  12. tentacle

    Taking Bangaii Fry

    Teresa, The male released the fry in to the tank. We tried to catch the male, but it would have been impossible with disturbing the tank too much. We also tried to set up a safe area using skewers like aquarium and reef did, but the male chose a different area to release them I guess. My son...
  13. tentacle

    Taking Bangaii Fry

    Teresa, Thanks for doing the search for me. I appreciate it. Guess I am going to go out and get a net breeder. By the way, the zoos I got from you are doing well, especially the red edged which I have at least triple the polyps already. Thanks. Bill
  14. tentacle

    Taking Bangaii Fry

    I really did not want to think about breeding my fish, since when I was an avid aquarist years ago, my hobby got a bit out of hand. Though I would keep it more simple this time. In any case my Bangaii have spawned, and the female has been holding for a bit, and I am thinking of trying to raise...
  15. tentacle

    Any frags or corals around S FL?

    I have an unknown acropora frag, and lots of waving hand anthelia colonies available
  16. tentacle

    Metal Halide suggestion

    By the way, I already found I have to keep the mushrooms low or shaded with the 432 watts of T5. That is why I was concerned about too much metal halide wattage. I am guessing though that I can work around it by keeping them low, shaded, or not directly under the MH.
  17. tentacle

    Metal Halide suggestion

    I do tend to agree that it is not necessarily an "upgrade". Do not get me wrong I find that this T5 puts out plenty of light, the tank is very bright, and all of my corals, sps included seem to be growing very well, as well as having visible growth on my crocea clam. But, it still seems that...
  18. tentacle

    Metal Halide suggestion

    I have a 120 reef tank ( 48"). It houses a variety of items, including mushrooms, zoos, lps and sps. I currently have T5 lighting, a Current Nova extreme 8 X 54 watt system. I am thinking of upgrading to metal halide, and am considering either a Current system with 2 X 150 watt halide and 2...
  19. tentacle


    I am curious what additives some of you are using. My tank is about six months old, and is doing quite well. I do however notice that some corals, although they are growing, do not seem to be thriving as much as I would like. Although I have been keeping up with water changes, and adding...