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  1. gregghia

    New Light Fixture - Am I frying my Monti or not giving it enough light?

    Yeah I really like the light. Just having a hard time from a non-scientific standpoint thinking that less wattage and no MH is as good! But it looks great, no sound and light is pure. Miss the shimmer but good price and good look. Thanks
  2. gregghia

    New Light Fixture - Am I frying my Monti or not giving it enough light?

    Oh yeah sorry... the monti was normally bright orange but you can see the purple spots. While the color looks good there is not much texture on those spots hence the reason I thought it was dying rather than growing.
  3. gregghia

    New Light Fixture - Am I frying my Monti or not giving it enough light?

    I have had this Monti for over 2 years, over the years I have reduced it and its come back healthy. Under my old fixture it is a rich orange. My old fixture was an Outer Orbit 48" with T5 4x54W and MH 2x150W. Total 500W on a 75 gal The old fixture is dead so I went with a Tek T5 48" 8x54W. Total...
  4. gregghia

    Anemone + salt = bonehead

    I dropped a small hunk of salt in my tank and it landed right on the anemone last night. I got it off quickly but today it has already begun to die. Its deteriorating and when I waved some flow against him it dispersed through the tank! There are some tenticles left but not good. #1 Is there...
  5. gregghia

    Any bright ideas... need to cut plexi in tight corners

    Need help... what tool can I use to cut this plexi? Its a 20 gal long. There are two partitions in there. The problem is the top has nicely cut small diameter holes for water flow. I need to create a row near the middle or bottom to create better flow. My tanks are in place and plumbed. I can't...
  6. gregghia

    Go with 3/4" or 1" return?

    Thanks for replies... keep them coming..
  7. gregghia

    Go with 3/4" or 1" return?

    I am going to have three tanks; two 40 gallon and a 65 gallon in a closed loop system. The tanks sit all side by side and the sump and Reeflo are in the middle underneath. I have a Reeflo Dart 3600 pump as the return. (The 40 gal tanks were drilled for a 1" return. The 65 gallon tank was drilled...
  8. gregghia

    Quick return plumbing question..

    Fanker I meant the return. Its drilled glass so it opposite side of tank from overflow. The return PVC coming from glass returning water will be in the tank of course. Obviously when the pump stops and the water drains the suction will stop. I am just plumbing three tanks to one large sump so...
  9. gregghia

    Quick return plumbing question..

    I am plumbing a closed loop system. The tank is pre-drilled twice. The drain works with an overflow box. The return is standard 1" bulkhead. My question is what do I need to do for the return as far as PVC plumbing configuration? If I have straight PVC coming out of bulkhead into the tank and...
  10. gregghia

    Multi-tank plumbing project

    I need all the suggestions I can get... I want this to go as smooth as possible, if thats possible. Let me know thoughts, concerns, etc. So here is what I have set up so far. I have the stand built as you can see. On the top row, I am going to have 2 40 gal tanks anchoring a 65 gal that will...
  11. gregghia

    Is it a bad idea to put a mirror on the back on a tank?

    Get yourself a roll of mylar... comes like wrapping paper. You can mylar the back glass and the canopy for serious reflection. Once the glass has purpled up just take it off... its cheap and you can tape it in place..
  12. gregghia

    Looking for 10' long stand ideas... plans, pics or old thread links?

    In the process of thinking of a stand for three tanks that will be same viewing height laid out side by side as a display. I have a 65 gallon and two 40 gallon tanks. I wanted the 65 in the middle with a 40 to the right and left. Wanted to butt them up next to each other for a long 10 foot...
  13. gregghia

    What Happened With Xenia?

    Roger that... that seems to be the rule of thumbs on the boards... thanks.
  14. gregghia

    What Happened With Xenia?

    I hear ya... I am just too busy at work to be surfing today and its freaking me out so was hoping someone could pinpoint the problem then I can find the remedy... Also its spreading now to other pieces of xenia on the rock. I don't care so much for the Xenia I just don't know if its something...
  15. gregghia

    What Happened With Xenia?

    Everything fine last night... woke up this morning and one head of Xenia just looked terrible. Looked at first like there was a coating of slime on it... when I went to blow it off with a baster it just dissolved or "melted" and now gone...
  16. gregghia

    chemi-pure question

    I leave mine in for weeks on end but i do rinse it since the bags collects a lot of sediments and poo, at least in my tank.
  17. gregghia

    is this ok?

    I had mine in the direct sun for the winter. It was really nice when the sunrays hit the tank. Amazing that no matter how good your MH lighting once the sun hits the tank it makes the halide look dull. The corals liked it. Algae is a concern but for me my tank that was normally 80 degress went...
  18. gregghia

    Which combination of Spectrum - Need Opinion.

    nice... i do have some 20k MH that I have been waiting to use. What if I do those to 20K and get some 6700K T5s?
  19. gregghia

    Which combination of Spectrum - Need Opinion.

    I am about to replace all 4 of my 48" T5 HO bulbs. They go into a Current lighting system. They work together with my two 14K 150W MH bulbs. Right now I am running 2 420nm bulbs and 2 460nm bulbs. Looks good but want to find out the optimal bulbage. So I need your opinion... regardless to brand...