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  1. spline9

    Best LFS in Los Angeles?

    Another vote for Mark's Tropical Fish. Google for Mark's Tropical Fish Studio City to find the website. Get on their mailing list. It will get you some decent (yet infrequent) discounts.Underwater Depot is ok but expensive. Small shop. Clean displays. Down the street is Aquarium Center in...
  2. spline9

    2.5 gallon Nano

    Adding water wont hurt the cycle or critters. Just remember when theres critters in there, do it slowly or a little at a time.
  3. spline9

    2.5 gallon Nano

    I recommend getting a jug of salt water and a jug of fresh RO/DI water handy. Dont add salt directly to the tank. Mix salt water and add it that way. Especially when you get critters in there. Excel is a great program for keeping records. If nothing else Word/WordPad/Notepad work just as well...
  4. spline9

    Sun Corals

    Its interesting because I've had one for some time now. I used to feed it every other day. I got lazy and only fed it once a week. I got even lazier (well, got busier at work stayin super late) and now I feed MAYBE once a month. Honestly, I probably only fed it once in the past 3 months. It only...
  5. spline9

    are these pods ? & whats killing my livestock ?

    I believe what you have in your pic is an amphipod. They are harmless and sometimes are a source of "free food" as well as a member of your cleanup crew. I wouldnt worry about those guys. Your bristleworms arent likely to be the killers. They should only be feeding off dead/dying tissue. If the...
  6. spline9

    stoking a 1 gallon

    Cleaner shrimp only until it gets too big for it. Hermits are good, some corals like zoas and mushrooms do well. Sexy shrimp are also good because they are small.
  7. spline9

    Bubble Algae update

    Just dont pop em in your tank. They will probably spread. As long as you can remove them intact you should be fine. If you can, pull the rock out of your tank and pull them off. That way, if you pop them, they wont spore all over your tank. Just rinse them off well with salt water (discarded...
  8. spline9

    This is for BANG

    A few months back I had a post inquiring what this little critter was that I found in my tank. BangGuy (of course) replied that it was an Ostracod. I have some pics in the post so you can see what they look like. The only thing is that the images are decieving. The pod looks like a grain of...
  9. spline9

    Mysterious Snails

    Those are definately not baby snails. They stay very small. I have tons of them in my tank as well. Active breeders in the aquarium. Always working hard at the algae... until a turbo mows past.
  10. spline9

    Please ID! They are growing like mad.

    Kinda hard to tell. Can you get a less blurry pic?
  11. spline9

    scaling pics down????

    Use this one. Its super easy and nothing to download except your new resized image. Its all online.
  12. spline9

    I got my New Orbit Light Fixture today!

    Sweet! I have a 20" 2x40w Orbit fixture for my 20gTall. Its cool. If its still cycling, theres no need to acclimate your tank to lights. Just put it on. I leave my lights on for 6-8hrs. Actinics are on longer than daylights. Moonlights, I have them and leave them on 24/7. Many people do this. No...
  13. spline9

    new camera

    Yeah, awesome pics. I have an old CoolPix 995. I kinda want to upgrade but it still takes good pics. m/ Nikon m/
  14. spline9

    happy days are here again

    Sorry, dont mean to hijack but since theres no PMing... DEK196: I notice youre in SB. Theres a Ventura reefers club if youre interested in joining. Check it out. The club could use a few more members. :)
  15. spline9

    a bold new look!

    That blows about your cracked tank. You know how it happened? Hope there wasnt much damage/loss. I believe the main reason why the WPG rule is obselete is because different lighting have different water penetration values, or intensities if you wish. MH are generally hailed as the best because...
  16. spline9

    best way to keep live rock/sand temporarly

    If you wanted to not worry about having to swap the skimmer around is to rig up an overflow for the trashcan, and siphon the stuff into the bin below. Imagine your trashcan as a display tank and your bin as the sump. That way the quality of the water will remain the same between the two...
  17. spline9

    What skimmer is better? I have a list.

    It will also blow his pocketbook dry. It looks like the list was confined due to budget. Unfortunately I dont have any experience with any of those skimmers nor do I know much about them to say which is best. I just know that people just recommend EuroReefs, ASMs, Remoras, etc... Wish I could be...
  18. spline9

    Current USA, Coralife, or JBJ Lighting

    I have an Orbit for my 20g tall. Its pretty sweet. The reasons why I like it: Legs to hold the unit a couple inches above the tank. Splash shield to keep the salt creep off. A fan to keep the unit cool. 3 seperate plugs for each PC bulb (x2) and one for the moonlights (x2). Looks pretty...
  19. spline9

    How do you know if you have a mantis?

    Keep an eye on your snail count.
  20. spline9

    about inverts...?

    I agree, inverts first. Fish and corals later. I have a 29gallon tank with 1 false perc, 1 firefish and 1 purple firefish. I had a lawnmower blenny but he decided to feed all my inverts one day. Its a total mystery why he just died. But I never had to take him out because my shrimp, emerald...