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    its about twice the price $$
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    baby shrimp? hope this works
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    baby shrimp?

    you may be able to get a picture off of google. click images.
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    true and false clown?

    look under neith their gills you should see a few "spikes" coming out from the lower part of the gill. in True perculas these "spikes are usually black and on the ocellaris clownfish they are orange. hope that helps.
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    Sail Fin In A 90?

    how big would i need to get? and what would happen if i left him in the 90?
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    Sail Fin In A 90?

    can i have one ...
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    I #-$#ing Hate Ick!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i would pu the hippo in before the yellow and also i have a royal gramma and i wish i never got him because he dosent like anyone new yo be added to the tank and he hates when my cleaner wrasse tries to clean him.
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    Heavy Breathing... Help

    fish died and i never found out the problem... RIP
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    clown anenome pic

    my bubble and perc really small anenome just got it...
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    breeding clowns help!

    here is a website that may help a little bit...
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    Bubble anemones

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    Bubble anemones

    hers mine the diameter is only about 2 inches.. .its a baby
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    What other fish would you reccomend with a percula clown fish?

    i have 2 percs, 3 chromis, and a flame angel in a 29 gallon
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    Anenomes and PC lights?

    i have an LTA under 260W PCS in a 90 and i also have a BTA under 65W PC in a 29 and they are doing fine
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    Heavy Breathing... Help

    could it have been an anenome sting because i have 2 (LTA,BTA)
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    Heavy Breathing... Help

    ya i run skimmer ph is 8.3 hes been in the tank about 1 1/2 mnths there is 1 fish larger then him a royal gramma but hes been in there the whole time and he dosnt bother anyone
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    Ritteri Anemone

    the tanks too small they can grow to almost 2 1/2 ft in diameter
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    baby clowns day 5

    wat type of clowns? and did you buy them paired? in the tank do they have an anenome? wat type?
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    Heavy Breathing... Help

    my blue tang has just begun to breath very deeply i tested parameters and found out that ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-20 dont know what the cause is temp and salinity are normal