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  1. acrylic300

    Tang Fight Video!!!

    Originally Posted by Squishy That was cool. and I don't care if I get flamed. Thanks for the entertaining post. Thank!!! They are fighting over this new live rock I put in...all fights revolve around it....its about a 10 gal area in a 300 gal tank. I've raised all the fish from babies...when...
  2. acrylic300

    Tang Fight Video!!!

    Three minutes of solid heavy metal *********** for your viewing pleasure. Video link removed. 1Journeyman
  3. acrylic300

    Optimum Temp for reef tank

    82 gives good growth and leaves a little room for error....but if it hits 85 you can expect ill results.
  4. acrylic300

    Best calcium suppliment for coraline algae

    You shouldn't need to untill there is enough coraline to use the suppliments. Water changes will be enough for the first year or so. Then you can drip lime or kalk with your makup water and it will keep your Alk, Calc, Ph in ballance. Chances are coraline will be the least of your worries...
  5. acrylic300

    300 G Live Rock Pics

    Thought I would update this....It's not exactly live rock anymore.
  6. acrylic300

    COTW--Zoanthus polyps

    Here are some colors that work well together.
  7. acrylic300

    COTW--Zoanthus polyps

    Here are some colors that work well together.
  8. acrylic300

    COTW--Zoanthus polyps

    Pink w/green mouth Paly Bright blue zoas
  9. acrylic300

    COTW--Zoanthus polyps

    Pink w/green mouth Paly Bright blue zoas
  10. acrylic300

    Do your fish act more peppy after a water change?

    I don't see much change...but my nitrates are all ready 0. The corals perk up a bit.
  11. acrylic300

    Ich!!!!!!! Need Help Please

    It takes a long time with two months. Then when it falls off the first time keep feeding it. It will have to go through 4 or 5 cycles of leaving and coming back. Each time it leaves it should come back a little bit weaker.
  12. acrylic300

    Mixed ratio of live sand to crushed coral?

    I have a couple inches of CC with a 1" layer of sand on top of it. Nitrate 0 Phosphate 0 after a year...It gradually went down at about 8 months it hit 0. I can see little critters in the spaces between the CC...through the glass. A lot of the CC has worked it's way to the top and my tangs like...
  13. acrylic300

    A Xenia Question

    I guess I'll try the more fequent water change thing. I hate to add kalk because the calcium is perfect. The PH has never been over 8.0 maybe I should use Oceanic intead of IO for water changes. If there is a good way to raise PH without effecting anything else with the exception of slightly...
  14. acrylic300

    A Xenia Question

    How can I raise it without raising the Alk to much? Baked Baking Soda?
  15. acrylic300

    Pet store problem, Tell me if im wrong. Please.

    I recently made the best mistake of my life when it comes to fish. I went in at closing time and impulse bought 3 Chromis 7 bucks each one was under a rock and I never got a chance to see it swim. One week later it was obvious that the fish is blind or something so I took it back to the store...
  16. acrylic300

    A Xenia Question

    Nitrate 20 , PH 7.8-8.0,ALK 250-300, SG 1.024, Temp 80, Cal. 450. What causes Xenia polyps to become cripled looking...then white...then dead. This starts out slow on one polyp then gains momentum as it wipes the whole coral out. Its happening to individual pink long stemed pulsing xenias but...
  17. acrylic300

    Zoo's Jumping Off of Rock

    I have some palys that like to move around (slow crawl). I don't think anything is agitating them. The rock your zoos are mounted on could be bad--or they could be freshly mounted and not stuck on very well. If something is agitating them to the point that they are falling off it could be...
  18. acrylic300

    How long can a Camel Back shrimp last in a cup?

    shut the lights off or you will have a hard time catching them. Took me 10 min with lights off. Took 14 hrs.... with lights on.
  19. acrylic300

    Flame Angel niping Leather

    My flame angel has been good up untill recently when I put a new leather coral in the tank. Will occasional niping kill this coral? The leather lets off clouds when it is nipped is this harmful to the tank? If I could get a clown fish to host something near the leather would the clown protect...
  20. acrylic300

    What eats mossy alge???

    BTW whats so bad about mossy algae. Does it kill Coraline? I have some on bare rock but the Coraline seems to move right on into the territory. Iv'e never noticed it on corals or Coraline.