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  1. faqbch99

    ID Needed - Anemone

    Finer sand needed maybe?
  2. faqbch99

    ID Needed - Anemone

    your minds are in the gutter... poor little anem did not do anything to get picked on like this.
  3. faqbch99

    ID Needed - Anemone

    well is not mine, just trying to get an ID on it for a friend. It is 6 to 8 inches in length and from what i know it seems happy on its side.
  4. faqbch99

    ID Needed - Anemone

    Someone told me it could be M. doreensis??
  5. faqbch99

    ID Needed - Anemone

    its a long tenticle right?
  6. faqbch99

    ID Needed - Anemone

    Can someone id this anem?
  7. faqbch99

    Mr. X

    I am sure if you type his name MR_X into any search engine you will be able to find him.
  8. faqbch99

    Do you Twitter?

    If you are on twitter, lets connect. Twitter userid faqbch99
  9. faqbch99

    Alge ID Please

    Got these rocks from a 12 year old talk... what is the green stuff.. does not look like hair alge , its thick, its springy, feels almost exactly like the moss you see on the base of trees out in the woods
  10. faqbch99

    Green Mandarin Question

    Ahh what the hell it is only your $ and a little fishes life, go for it, when it dies someone will just go aquaculture you a new one.
  11. faqbch99

    Patriot54's 12 Gallon Diary

    If he had any clue, this would not be his profile.. Tank Size: 12 gallon My Fish: Blue Damsel, 3 Stripe Damsel My Invertebrates: 1 Blue Leg Reef Hermit Crab, 1 Red Leg Hermit Crab My Equipment: Eclipse System 12, 2 50 Watt Stealth Heaters, Maxi-Jet 600, Azoo 600 What I Feed: Flakes...
  12. faqbch99

    Patriot54's 12 Gallon Diary

    Originally Posted by Patriot54 My dad invented the protein skimmer as we know it today, so I will listen to him over you guys any day. Prove it.
  13. faqbch99

    Tons Of Free Equipment!!!

    Thank you for the nice offer. I really could use a new in sump skimmer for a 300gal tank and maybe a 125 or so gal short tank. faqbch99 @ yahoo.. I would be willing to pick up.
  14. faqbch99

    Montipora Many Colora!!

    I would love to see what this looks like in a few months.
  15. faqbch99

    Any way to entice them?

    You can not easily entice the clown in.. it will happen on its own when the clown feels like it wants to go in.
  16. faqbch99

    I won an item!

    I also won the same auction, i completed the paypal payment, lets hope this works.
  17. faqbch99

    Let's go Rays.....

    Lets go Phillies..!!
  18. faqbch99

    Who Lives In Pa ???

    Coatesville PA, here. Want to trade email me.. rich @ jswd dot com
  19. faqbch99

    MIA Clam

    Unless it dies you should not see it very often if at all. It will be down there just filtering and living life.
  20. faqbch99

    flame scallops

    Go buy a bunch elsewhere and take them to that LFS for store credit.. if they are selling them for $75 maybe you can get $25 credit each :)