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  1. fishkiller

    Repairing TV after lightning strike- Need help!

    Ok, so it's a Samsung 40" or 42" LCD, model LN40B500, and it's about 1.5 yrs old. Lightning hit the house and the surge protector that my fiance had it on did not do its job. So now the TV does nothing when I try to power it on. The little red standby light doesn't even blink or illuminate at...
  2. fishkiller

    Show of ur dog or doggies thread!!!!

    Thanks! That one "Mia" IS half coyote. Good eye! One of the huskies is half timberwolf, I'm sure you can guess which one. They stay inside 95% of the day during summer, They can take the heat for about 10 minutes before they are back at the door. They go in and out as they please during fall and...
  3. fishkiller

    Show of ur dog or doggies thread!!!!

    Here's our pack!
  4. fishkiller

    MAN!! It's been a while!!

    Thank you, thank you! It's good to be back. I think I'm gonna be spending more time here. I get bored very easily and I need to do something else after a 12 hour day other than drink 151 and eat everything in the fridge. I have started cooking more. That's a problem because I'm an outstanding...
  5. fishkiller

    MAN!! It's been a while!!

    It's been a couple years since I've been on here. Been super busy! Gave up fish stores (not a fan of the general public), moved back to Atlanta, got a job on the life support systems dept at the Georgia Aquarium, got engaged.... It's been a hell of an 18 months! How's my old family at ...
  6. fishkiller

    People who work at or own a fish store.....

    let's not get this thread thrown to the newbie section.
  7. fishkiller

    People who work at or own a fish store.....

    What is your favorite question? I have a few favorites, like "what yo cheapest fish is?", "yall got allergy eaters?" "four dollars? gimme a deal if I get two?" "How much is a nemo?" .........God, I can't even think of half of em right now. I wanna hear some others!
  8. fishkiller

    My 1st post, let me know what ya think :)

    yep I am! We'll post some pics of our new 40 breeder setup soon. It's gonna be sweet! Thanx for all the nice comments, she's really proud of her setup. She has become an official fish dork! HAHAHA!!!
  9. fishkiller

    My 1st post cont. (more pics)

    this is a little clearer.
  10. fishkiller

    My 1st post, let me know what ya think :)

    Your tank looks beautiful babe! These pics turned out real nice but they still don't do your system justice. I'm glad you finally came to be a part of the SWF family! Maybe I'll start posting on here again. I wonder if anyone remembers me... hmmm....
  11. fishkiller

    Liquid Pond Liner- Anybody ever use it?

    I'll try to post some pics soon. Thanks.
  12. fishkiller

    Liquid Pond Liner- Anybody ever use it?

    I have 2 pits that are 12x2x1 (in ft), both of which are the sump for a 1550 gallon reef system. I have a sequence 7800 running it. I used a (fish and plant safe) LIQUID pond liner to line the pits. Certain corals and inverts have been doing horrible lately. Has anyone else ever used this stuff?
  13. fishkiller

    T6 Bulbs, WHERE can I find them?

    I have customers who need T6 bulbs. Where can I find these? I need the 48' bulbs, which nobody sells. HELP! -Ryan
  14. fishkiller

    What are you paying for gas now ?

    $2.09 in Jefferson, GA
  15. fishkiller

    GA LFS's

    Hey people! It's been a while. I'm happy to see a lot of familiar faces. So, how's things? How many people here shop, have shopped, or plan to shop at any stores in Georgia? I know we can't mention any store names on here, but cities and towns should give me an idea of what places you think are...
  16. fishkiller

    Anyone a Corvette Expert? 2007 Z06

    I'm trying to talk my dad into one. He's got an '89 and an '05. He's so cheap and afraid to spend a dime. I fell in love with the new Z06 the first time I saw it. Man, for the money, screw a ferrari!
  17. fishkiller

    Hard Drive Fried, I'm back now!

    Yeah, so my 6-month old Dell Inspiron E1505 crapped out in the middle of a song. I spent 2 hours on the phone with dell and we figured out the hard drive was unresponsive. Took em 2 days to get me a new one with image. I feel like I've been locked up without my swf! You find out how addicted you...
  18. fishkiller

    Lobster mini season next week

    Your tickle-stick techniques gotta be great! Otherwise, no lobster for you!
  19. fishkiller

    Song Title Game

    Old -Machine Head