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  1. liverock27

    BioCube 14G 3.24 Upgrade ordered

    I installed the upgrade myself and I am loving it. The fan does make a little more noise, but my temp is staying around 79 and I too put it on a timer to run with the 2 10k bulbs. The only thing that I wish I would have done is gone w/the atleast one 50/50 bulb instead of 2 10K bulbs, my tank...
  2. liverock27

    another paly question

    I have always been told to keep red, pink, and orange zoas high.
  3. liverock27

    ricordia propogation system build thread

    Looks great so far. I will be following along with you.
  4. liverock27

    My 1 year old..... Reef Tank. Happy Birthday.

    I'd love to hear how you keep the glass so clean also. Tank looks amazing!
  5. liverock27

    Purchased these today!!!

    will you PM me the website also?
  6. liverock27

    Oceanic Bio Cube question!!! HELP!

    I have the 14g Biocube and I also upgraded to the MJ900 and it puts out a nice amount of flow and doesn't raise the temp on the tank.
  7. liverock27

    14g BC Temp Problems

    Turned out that when I put my fans on a timer to run w/the 10ks the temp over night dropped less than one degree, so I think my temp problem is fixed.
  8. liverock27

    My 1 year old..... Reef Tank. Happy Birthday.

    Wow! That is a great looking tank and I was betting that the total was going to be higher. How about a list of what all is in the tank?
  9. liverock27

    Mods for 14 inch Bio Cube

    I have the BC14 and put in a MJ900 and it puts out alot of flow and didn't raise the temp at all. I have also done a few other things to my BC. I put in a third 24w bulb, trimmed the overflow from Chamber1 to Chamber 2 to allow the tank to hold more water in Chamber2 and 3. I took out all the...
  10. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    It came from the character off of Blazing Saddles.
  11. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    Mongo McMichael, probably better known for his days in WCW as part of the 4 Horsemen, but he was a beast while he played in the NFL. Those are some of greatest players of all time and I agree with you totally about Brady playing well against them all.
  12. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    Originally Posted by ruaround just this year he faced Ray Lewis, Michael Strahan, Dwight Freeney, D'Marcus Ware, Jason Taylor and Shawan Merriman... did it even phase Brady??? not one bit... Unless they played the Pro Bowl already and I missed it he would have only seen these guys one at a...
  13. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    Did I say any where in my post about Brady being a panicky guy? I said I would love to see his face. What you are now saying is that he would have no reaction to two of the tuffest men on that Bear's D coming at him?
  14. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    Also could you imagine Brady's face when he saw Dent coming from side and then turned around and found Mongo coming from the other side with that arm ready to clothesline him across the neck? Maybe not so much legal any more, but still I think that Buddy Ryan would not be too upset with a 15...
  15. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    The Pats would also have to worry about Mr. Howard waiting back there to return kicks on that '96 team. The one thing that might help the Pats' wideouts against all the great D's (49ers, Cowbows, Packers, Raiders, etc.) of past is all the new rules that make it almost impossible to touch the...
  16. liverock27

    Bobby Fischer- Dead

    After what he said about 911 and America getting what they deserved and that now was the time to finish off America, I think if someone wants to make a joke about his death go for it. You might say that the man was mentaly disturbed, but I still do not appreciate his comments about Americans or...
  17. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    I agree w/Chris, if you are having a conversation about the Pats stick to talking about their O.
  18. liverock27

    Everyone should have one of these

    I have that same device and it saved my kitchen when I had my new fridge put in. The delivery guy didn't hook up the water hose correctly. If I hadn't have put that behind the fridge to start with my new cabnets probably would have suffered. I now have one behind everything in the house that...
  19. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    '85 Bears still had a tuffer division then other teams we are talking about. 1976 the Raiders had the Broncos who were 9-5, but also had Tampa. Anyone remember Tampa from that season?
  20. liverock27

    1984 49ers Vs. 2007 Patriots

    Pontius, I would check the Rams divison out for that year. Falcons, Aints, and 49ers all had 5 or less wins and the only team with a 500 record was the Panters at 8-8.