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  1. firecopemt

    3/4g Nano Pictures (4)

    I have 36 watts of PC over mine. Im using a CSL fixture that uses a 27 watt 10K and a 9 watt actinic.
  2. firecopemt

    NanoCubes, anyone have one?

    The NanoCube is made by is a pretty cool little tank, internal filtration, 24 watt PC and has a carbon chamber. They also throw in a mag. algae scraper. We have them at the store I work at and I have 2 of them set up as "ready to go" setups. Another employee that I work with also has 2...
  3. firecopemt

    Interesting Chat with a guy at LFS

    Jon, Im running a 175 watt 20K XM over my 13 gallon tank and I love it. I still run a 2 X 28 watt pc with one actinic and one 50/50 bulb though. I am happy with the color, and also happy with the growth/color of the coral. The zoa's that I have in there have gone crazy with growth, and the same...
  4. firecopemt

    Need an ID....just found this in my tank today

    hey have you been? long time no see? are you talking about the frag swap that was down at columbine?????how did that go? any pics? good luck Been pretty good Jon. Yup I was talking about the swap at columbine. It had a pretty good turn out, quite a few different frags. I ended up...
  5. firecopemt

    Need an ID....just found this in my tank today

    lol, its funny that the tank has been set up for over year now and I just now spotted him. He must have hitched a ride in on a couple of frags that I brought home from this months frag swap. Hmmm, wonder if I got any others........hopefully they will reproduce:) Oh, thanks........I knew I had...
  6. firecopemt

    Need an ID....just found this in my tank today

    anyone have a positive ID on this little guy?
  7. firecopemt

    Won Bros Skimmer?

    ok, lets raise this thread from the dead. I was looking at these also while shopping for a new skimmer for my 75 gallon, and was looking at the 125 model. Just thought Id revive this and see if anyone had any first hand experience with them yet.
  8. firecopemt


    Mine says minimum water line.......The ebos should be fully submersible.
  9. firecopemt

    NewB Pictures

    Nice pictures.........but ive already told you that somewhere else:D The tank is coming along nicely! Great job Spike......erm I mean Goby;)
  10. firecopemt

    20g Mantis

    Ill see if I can get some pics of mine up tonight when I get home from work. :D
  11. firecopemt

    What are the laws?

  12. firecopemt

    SPS Nano?

    oh, I built the canopy to hide the internal sump, and also to hide the powerstrips. I have the PC and MY ballasts mounted under the tank on a shelf, so I only have 3 cords coming out of the back of the tank.
  13. firecopemt

    SPS Nano?

    its around 10 inches above the water. With the distance from the water and the fans the temp doesnt go up at all.
  14. firecopemt

    SPS Nano?

    and the whole tank with canopy.
  15. firecopemt

    SPS Nano?

    My nano is a 13 gallon CPR tank with internal sump. Im using it right now to hold SPS till I get my new canopy built for my 75. I use a 175 watt coralife 10K MH on it, and just use two 3 inch fans on it for air movement to keep the temp down....I havent had any problems with temp.
  16. firecopemt

    MH distance from water

    Thanks, just didnt know if it would be worth the chance to do it for a month till I get my canopy built.
  17. firecopemt

    MH distance from water

    Ok, here is the deal. I have a 2 X 400 watt MH system that will be supplemented with 440 watts of VHO lighting, on a 75 gallon tank. I will be building a new canopy for it, but was wondering if I would be able to get by with the MH bulbs 6 inches away from the water until I can get it built? I...
  18. firecopemt

    Making things look pretty

    lol.......come on, take a picture kneeling down beside the top off barrel:D BTW, Im getting closer to getting the canopy done for the 75 and the 13 gallon......wont be too long and ill be burning my retina's when i lift the lid!
  19. firecopemt

    Making things look pretty

    looks good.......just one question. Who picked out the material?:D
  20. firecopemt

    Take A Look At What I Have In My Tank Give Some Advice

    if ur talking about the spageti worms, theyr not sold, They can be purchased, along with bristle worms,and pods. Email me if you want to know where you can by them.