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  1. nietzsche

    Question on Yellow Wrasse

    what other fish do you have? its possible that every time it comes out its being harassed by some fish and then it hides again. or it hasnt adjusted completely to your lighting schedule yet they dont live in the rock, they normally just sleep and hide in the sandbed. make sure to keep a lid on...
  2. nietzsche

    Flame Hawkfish

    sixline might harass the flame hawk since theyll both be using the live rock..
  3. nietzsche

    Algae overgrowing Coral

    what type of algae is it? the best thing to do is use RO/DI water, a good brand salt, change water weekly, rinse any frozen food in RO water and strain it before feeding your fish, dont feed too much, pick up a clean up crew of snails, etc..
  4. nietzsche

    Current USA, good skimmer?

    for that price you could get something better like an octopus skimmer or even maybe an MSX skimmer. I dont think the one in the link is good
  5. nietzsche

    New Controller?

    Originally Posted by natclanwy I think I heard that Remote control is coming but not until they release the MyReef Software for the RKE. What do you mean by program everything? Does the neptune allow you to write control programs similar to a Macro? it has its own programming language that you...
  6. nietzsche

    Zoo' and Polyps Keep Dying

    anyways, whats your salinity? Edit, looks like an older post.. i guess that bot is really trying to get its post count up haha
  7. nietzsche

    Monti problem?

    as long as there isn't algae growing on it and has polyps it should make a slow recovery, good luck!
  8. nietzsche

    Monti problem?

    you havent let ALK drop low, have you? do you have any other montis besides this one? any other SPS in your tank?
  9. nietzsche

    Looking for help from the SPS gurus

    Thats good, just to let you know that some people have a hard time with wild colonies and may not even get them to survive in their tanks, pretty much a hit or miss
  10. nietzsche

    ORA Borealis Acro

    beautiful piece. is this the same one as Roscoe's?
  11. nietzsche


    should be fine, montis are lower demaning when it comes to lighting.. they still need all the basic requirements like ALK, calcium, flow, magnesium, low phosphates, low nitrates
  12. nietzsche

    new red planet and Blue Acro

    yup, was in bad shape but will come back.. second pic proves zoo is returning back to its tissue.. good luck
  13. nietzsche

    Looking for help from the SPS gurus

    you should be careful about placing arrivals directly below your lights. i light acclimate the new arrivals by placing them on the sandbed, then move up some each week. You need strong flow for them, strong lighting, phosphates at or below .03 ppm, nitrates almost 0 (but is debatable) alk within...
  14. nietzsche

    Monti problem?

    i dont know, ive had nitrates at 15-20 ppm before with no problems in color coloration or growth If your alk is below 7 DKH montis usually go down hill. Ive also head leathers and shrooms in the past in the same tank (28) with no problems and I didnt run carbon either. If you could post pictures...
  15. nietzsche

    Which protein skimmer????

    thats the octopus skimmer, not the MSX MSX skimmers run Sicce pumps
  16. nietzsche

    New Controller?

    I have the RKE and I love it. I am disappointed you cant control the aquarium remotely, but only view the status of it. I really like the expandability of this unit so far, but I would have loved to program everything myself like you can in the Neptune systems. When are you getting your controller?
  17. nietzsche

    new reef tank suggestions

    for your tank, i'd say either get a 55g sump/refugium, or a 75g sump/refugium. you can put baffles to seperate parts of equipment, and also use baffles to make an area just for refugium where you can put macroalgae like chaeto to bring down phosphates and nitrates and also grow pods. the...
  18. nietzsche

    new reef tank suggestions

    look for a protein skimmer and filter socks for your sump. the filter socks trap anything thats flowing in the water, it will eventually drain and be caught by the filter sock, you then change out the filter sock and wash the dirty one some people build light racks, thts what my friend did. he...
  19. nietzsche

    Saltwater iPhone App

    woops, the rest wont show up
  20. nietzsche

    Saltwater iPhone App

    it exists, believe me, but its for the ACIII check out the picture from Melev