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    How do you keep your sand white

    Originally Posted by mudplayerx My vote goes to detrivore (sand-sifting) sea cucumber for the win. Nothing beats these guys in keeping the sand white. where did you find yours mudplayerx???
  3. scottgotts

    Sand sifter star not 'sifting' sand

    where can you find one of these cukes????
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    Royal Gramma?

    i just bought one today and it hides alot but i am sure it will come out eventually.......
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    ? on lighting for anemone?

    you can have a condylactis anemone, they can be under very low lighting- i had one under a floresent light for a month but now i have powercompacts
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    NEW coral pictures!!!!!

    Hey could i get the website too please, if i can; e-mail me at
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    Mandarin Dragonet any tips??

    i have a scooter blenny, and he is doing fine and getting bigger, but thanks for the tip i am now not planning on getting a dragonet :joy:
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    Does anyone have Electric Blue mushrooms?

    So farmboy or snowcrab. can i buy some from you guys after Smoney???
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    Darn Nitrates!!!

    yeah its called stress zyme i use once a week and i use sand BTW
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    Mandarin Dragonet any tips??

    this may sound stuipid but what are pods?? are they those little white things that grow on the glass and rock?? cuz i have tons of those
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    Darn Nitrates!!!

    yeah i added to much at once, i have 4 fish (firefish, scooter blenny, percula clown, neon goby) and 2 peppermint shrimp, a green open brain coral, golden polyps and a condalactus anemone. oh yeah and a serpant star. Everything is doing great BTW and yes i do have a protein skimmer
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    Does anyone have Electric Blue mushrooms?

    Originally Posted by snowcrab if you want some either farmboy or I can hook you up. :happyfish i am intrested in your offer, but my tank is pretty new so i dont have any trades, but i would be willing to pay you
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    Darn Nitrates!!!

    yeah is that the problem??
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    Darn Nitrates!!!

    I just made a water change in my 29 gallon 3 days ago and my nitrates are still about 35, any ideas how to lower nitrates? will it hurt my corals??? BTW i have lots of brown algea
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    Mandarin Dragonet any tips??

    i am planning on buying one from this site, are they feather duster compatable? and they will fit in a 29 gallon with a firefish and a percula clown??
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    dead turbo snail

    my 1" turbo died from being on his back all night long, but his shell is really cool so can i keep him in the tankfor looks-or would this raise ammonia??
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    A white Christmas in September

    does it attach itself or can you move it around??? and could i feed it zooplankton?? Thanks
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    A white Christmas in September

    i am going to buy one, any tips??
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    cleaner shrimp dying

    He died from too low of salinity IMO, it was a shock for him to go from around 1.026 to 1.022- that is a big difference. So just raise your salt level and better luck next time.
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    Are Lee's brand of protein skimmers good?

    Thanks alot!!