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  1. aquatica-tech

    Local Shrimp?

    Yea i rather you not do it cause you dont know if the shrimp has any on board parasites and what not. and you might get flamed from the people on here cause your taking nature from its natural and putting it in your tank for your own pleasure yea... DONT !
  2. aquatica-tech

    Too much flow?

    Rule of thumb for flow is aobut 10x but your flow is good enough reefs need about 20x the flow of the tank size for EX:60 gallon tank will need 600 gph for FOWLR for reef Approxamitley 1200 gph, more flow the better but dont overkill it like putting in 30x overflow unless you have tons of live...
  3. aquatica-tech

    Coolest QT idea

    Alrighty i understand now thank you
  4. aquatica-tech

    Coolest QT idea

    OOO what might be the other stages beside the parasitical one that the cleaners will have no effect in
  5. aquatica-tech

    bicolor blenny and feather duster

    Bicolor blennnises hide in holes in LR And yes feather dusters fd move
  6. aquatica-tech

    Coolest QT idea

    Yea i know im going to have to take em out for treatment but it would make the QTing treatment faster
  7. aquatica-tech

    Coolest QT idea

    Oh ok so would it be a or thumbs down if i could do it
  8. aquatica-tech

    Coolest QT idea

    But can shrimps get ick to ?
  9. aquatica-tech

    Coolest QT idea

    Well im in my chemsitry class in school and I was thinking that I heard that cleaner shrimps have a tenancy to clean bad bacteria from fish for example like hippo tangs. So im wondering what if I set-up a QT and put like two cleaners in there and have like a seperate DT but also a QT for QTing...
  10. aquatica-tech

    Stock List Help

    Well I want to make some new additions to my tank if possible. I have a 55 gallon with about 30 pounds of live rock planning on adding more Koralia 2 PH and a Rio 600 PH I got a 25 Gallon Sump 4x65 PC lighting Stock: Sailfin Tang 2 Firefish Gobys Bar Goby Bi-Color Blennie 2 Peppermint shrimp 13...
  11. aquatica-tech

    Peppermint are cleaners?

    Wow I LOVE SALTWATER I learn everyday lmao
  12. aquatica-tech

    whats needed for a 75 gal setup

    Well you can use your old tank as a QT or a sump, on live sand its your decision on how deep you want it I would not use the canister filter if I were you becuase it would cause nitrate problems You can use the HOB filter but regular live rock and high flow would do for your filtration You...
  13. aquatica-tech

    Peppermint are cleaners?

    Yea just a few minutes ago I just witnessed my sailfin nearing one of my peppermints and my peppermint started cleaning of him of some sort. Is this normal of a peppermint i know hes cleaning him cause the sailfin keeps coming towards the peppermint and the peppermint gets on him and starts...
  14. aquatica-tech

    Heading to the marine Expo in about an hour

    Man I would LOVE to go do they have them once a year or more than once ?
  15. aquatica-tech

    T5's but NO bloom? Why?

    Originally Posted by WangoTango What type of lighting were you running before? You may not always have an algae bloom after upgrading lights. It's possible that the T5 have bleached the coraline. All I can say is just give it some time. -Justin This is probrably what it is, your coraline was...
  16. aquatica-tech

    Bristle Worm Help Needed....please Read

    Well take out as much as you can and the rest of them would just be part of your CUC. If there more than you can count lol then its parasitic but if you have like 2 or 3 then it would be fine JMO and itll be part of your CUC
  17. aquatica-tech

    my new 130 gal

    Yea my dude I would chill if I were you when it comes to your sarcasm cause people will just see your posts and be like oh it the "A-Hole again he can solve his own problem" so yea, its not really hard to just take peoples advice and keep shut about it instead of being a smart ***. You can do...
  18. aquatica-tech

    Any 120 Gallons Out There

    Really liking the natural set-up and the artificial one looks hot
  19. aquatica-tech

    Sailfin Tang

    Bummers for the sailfin but the eye socket would just get covered by skin but youre most likely going to have to giv him like nutrition and vitamins so it could heal better
  20. aquatica-tech

    Need Help With Fire Fish

    I would go for it cause my firefishes school with a bar goby of mines and they dont attack him and they say they only school with the fish of there own kind so if it was me I would try it