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    KH and effects on LPS?

  2. nacl freak

    Moving Plate Coral

    here is a plate that had been in the same place for over a year, when it move up and over a rock.
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    Obama is the president elect Please use this thread to talk about and discuss it

    Just a little perspective from an ole believer. God is in control. Man has always struggled against that fact. Man believes he can make things better. Cure cancer, correct injustices. The human race loves one thing and that's control. We are living in the results of centuries of man's desire to...
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    Makes sense. Thanks
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    Nostradamus also predicts the end of the world in 2012. That's when the thirteenth constellation [Ophiuchus] lines up between the first[Scorpio] and Sagittarius] the twelfth. This has not occured in thousands of years. Anyone playing Twilight Zone music? I believe he predicted [if the new book...
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    Ooooooooo something new

    Originally Posted by Cranberry Did you already toss him? Pics if ya didn't? didn't think to get pics.
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    Ooooooooo something new

    Scooped it out and was suprised. The body was inside a tubular structure [like a feather duster]and was about 2 inches in length.
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    Doesn't protein skimmer remove iodine?
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    Please Help Me

    1+ also large water change will help
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    Ooooooooo something new

    Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Sneaky little devils.
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    ID please

    If not a shroom, maybe a fox?
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    Ooooooooo something new

    This little bugger just showed up. It looks like something badso I dose it with lemon juice but it came back. It closes like a feather duster and is a dark red color.
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    How do you lower Nitrate levels?

    +1 Wter change is the easest way
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    coral for sale, make me an offer.

    You've got mail
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    coral for sale, make me an offer.

    Interested in Ducan and spaghetti. Paypal?
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    what is this

    + 1
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    FS: 72" MH/T5 Retro

    Interested. I live 20 min North of B'ham.
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    HELP - Anemone Dying??????

    Color looks good and it's still inflated. They look that way when they're excrea ting waste. What type of light do you have? Cloudy water is an issue. Is the entire tank cloudy?