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  1. mikedog

    How often do you guys feed your eels?

    I agree with Mr. Jefferson. A wide variety of store bought frozen items. My Zebra Eel comes out looking for food every other day, so I feed him 3 times a week. I used to have a Snowflake that did the same thing when his tankmates were being fed.
  2. mikedog

    Background__Yes or No?

    I was trying to choose between blue and black. I went to my local fish store and they had a large selection of the fake stuff backgrounds. I ended up purchasing a 2 sided background, one side blue, one side black. So i tried out both and the black was the obvious choice.
  3. mikedog

    Aquac Remora Skimmer question

    I have the same skimmer, and it does take some time to get going, especially if you have a small bioload. Just be patient, if you get nothing after 2 weeks, than I would worry.
  4. mikedog

    Harlequin Tusk! Let me see them!

    I would love to have a HT someday, but I definitely want to find an Aussie. I have seen many Indo Tusks at stores but they never have looked that great, maybe cause of bad acclimation techniques, or bad diet, or they way they were collected. But when I finally see an Aussie Tusk I will buy it. I...
  5. mikedog

    LFS has ich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was happy to see that the Deathco by my house has given up on saltwater fish. I had only been in there a few times for dog food, but everytime I looked at the fish, most of there saltwater tanks were empty, or if they had fish in them they had ich. I see fish with ich too often at most fish...
  6. mikedog

    Yellow/Red Coris Wrasse questions...

    I have a juvenile Red Coris Wrasse, and I also HAD a skunk cleaner and cbs. They are nowhere to be found, it was either the wrasse or my Zebra eel. I am guessing it was the eel, but the wrasse has killed small crabs before, because alot of the time hes not out of the sand for feeding time. I...
  7. mikedog

    Zebra Eel with one eye

    Yeah he doesn't seem to be shy at all, and hes still eating krill like hes starving. I bought a frozen mixture of raw seafood at the grocery store, it has octopus, shrimp, cuttlefish, squid, and cooked clams and mussels. I am thawing it out now, and I am gonna add my usual zoe, and zoecon, and...
  8. mikedog

    Zebra Eel with one eye

    Here he is, My one eyed Zebra.
  9. mikedog

    Zebra Eel with one eye

    Last night when I got home from work, he was eating frozen krill like he was starving. So I am definitely gonna keep him, I tried feeding some squid this morning, but he didn't want it, probably never had it before. I also plan on feeding him raw shrimp from the grocery store, if there is...
  10. mikedog

    Zebra Eel with one eye

    Thank you for the quick responses. I got him for a good price, after my store credit for the the fish I traded in, he was only $40. I plan on feeding him some frozen krill tomorrow, and if he continues to eat well I plan on keeping him. Thank you again for the advice.
  11. mikedog

    Zebra Eel with one eye

    I just purchased a Zebra Moray Eel tonight, for my 125 gallon tank after exchanging some other fish. It has been at the store for at least a month, and I was told that it has been eating very well, and it is very docile. I got it home, and properly acclimated it. I rearranged my rocks to make...
  12. mikedog

    Transferring Live Rock

    I would not worry, I had a RG that used to stay in a piece of live rock all the time. Give it a few days, I'm sure he'll show up during feeding time.
  13. mikedog

    Dwarf Angel

    I agree with the above post. If you add a dwarf lion, make it a small one, and get one of the larger dwarfs angels, like a flame, or coral beauty. I have a had a potters angel for almost a year, but I feel like I was lucky enough to get a good one.
  14. mikedog

    what kind of containers! to get 55 Gals of RO water home?

    I use 5 gallon gas jugs, and 5 gallon zephryhill bottles. But I plan on purchasing an RO unit soon, cause it was quite a workout to fill a 150 gallon tank. It took me at least 5 trips to the fish store.
  15. mikedog

    stocklist idea

    Sounds like a good list to me, as long as you have good filtration, and a good skimmer.
  16. mikedog

    OK i have a chance to buy a 90gal or keep 55 gal.

    Believe me, I know that you are anxious to buy the 90 gallon, and you are probably thinking that a great deal for a bigger tank won't come along, but it will. Just be patient for that price you should be getting at least a 125 gallon with all the fixins. I am in the same situation as you always...
  17. mikedog

    New Fish!

    I love Golden Puffers, and I hope to own one someday. I saw a huge specimen at a fish themed McDonalds in Orlando once, and it had the personality of a puppy begging for food. I hope that yours makes a full recovery, and I can't wait to see more pics.
  18. mikedog

    King Angelfish

    They have a small Passer/King angel at the fish store I go to. I would love to own one someday, but after reseraching on this site, I would put them in the same category as the Clown Trigger, look but don't trust.
  19. mikedog

    An eel

    I agree with the last post. Depending how much of an aggressive eater the snowflake is, he make take down half of your stock list. They have very poor eyesight, and when I had one, if he was hungry he would try to eat anything in the tank he could catch.
  20. mikedog

    Flame Angelfish

    I believe that Flames are one of the most beautiful fish you can own, but like some others on this site I have never had luck with them. I have lost 2, neither one living more than 2 months. The 1st one I lost was because my system was not mature enough, and the second one died without notice. I...