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  1. mlm

    Crazy worm (I think?) in sump

    The thing is long gone now.
  2. mlm

    Metal Halide

    Some say it can but from my personal experience when I had my 120 with 2 400 watt MH's everything including the mushroom corals seemed to do better than when they were in my 55 gallon with 4 110 VHO's.
  3. mlm

    Crazy worm (I think?) in sump

    Originally Posted by stuckinfla eeewww! Polyclad? What is it? What does it do?
  4. mlm

    5 inch flatworm???

    Does the bottom of it look likr this?
  5. mlm

    Crazy worm (I think?) in sump

    Its been a while since I have posted here and have since sold all of the coral in my tank. I have however retained the live rock , live sand, and sump with live rock. Tonight looing in the sump ( I rarely do this) I noticed this worm like creature sucking on the glass. It was about 3 or 4...
  6. mlm

    a sad day for a reef.

    Ok its been 5 months since I posted this and I see I left a few people hanging. It was a rough time and I did not have anytime to get back on here and answer people of sell things. Anyway I still have the tank and found a buyer for all the SPS and clams. I still have all the equipment and I...
  7. mlm

    a sad day for a reef.

    I know I hate to get rid of it all but right now I could use the money more than a pile of aquarium equipment. Thanks for the concern.
  8. mlm

    bluntly...I need poop eaters

    get more snails for the rock and get a fighting conch for the sandbed.
  9. mlm

    a sad day for a reef.

    I am thinking about changing my sps reef tank into a fish only with liverock and live sand. My wife is about to have a baby, I lost my job and I am about to start college again (got the wrong degree the first time) and I think it would be much easier to not have to deal with all of the coral...
  10. mlm

    feeding hammers/frogspawns

    I have spot fed hammers before but they don't want it to often maube once a month or so. I was never able to spot feed a frogspawn.
  11. mlm

    fluval 303

    Just trying to say save your money and get something else.
  12. mlm

    fluval 303

    Save your money and buy somthing else like liverock.
  13. mlm

    Question about torch coral

    There should not be any measurable ammonia in the tank. The nitrates are also kind of high. This species is a good indicator of water quality and uts indicating that you need to fix these two parameters.
  14. mlm

    Hippo Antics

    Mine does this with empty shells and somtimes loose frags.
  15. mlm

    Calcium Reactors?? Worth the money?

    After adding mine I found that the sps growth rate went throught the roof due to the always available calcium.
  16. mlm

    LR transport

    They usually just pack them in a box with no water.
  17. mlm

    150 Watt Ushio HQI

  18. mlm

    Clam lighting question

    I kept a crocea and a maxima in a 55 with vho for a couple of months. They did not show any groth and the color sucked. When I got my 120 with 2 400 watt MH and 2 actinic Vho they show great color in a couple of weeks and started growing like mad.
  19. mlm

    attn NM Reef (euro reef)

    THanks for the input. So the higher the tube the thicker the scum is? I would think it would be the other way around.
  20. mlm

    attn NM Reef (euro reef)

    I finally got my skimmer and let me tell you iy was the best use of 400 dollars on my tank (besides my ca reactor) that I can think of. I was wondering at what level do you keep the riser pipe. All the way up? down? or in the middle? Thank you.