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  1. kzoo

    FS: New Phosphate reactor

    I will take it pm me with pay pal info.
  2. kzoo

    FS: MRC CR-2 Calcium Reactor

    How much?
  3. kzoo

    125 Gallon in GA

    This is my email let me know when a good time and how far you are from downtown.
  4. kzoo

    MRC calcium Reactor - complete setup

    do you have pics? If so send to
  5. kzoo

    125 Gallon in GA

    Would you sell the powder blue tang? How much, and what size is it?
  6. kzoo

    new pics

  7. kzoo

    Coralife 175w MH Retro Complete Set

    Can you send pic also and how old is the ballast and bulb?
  8. kzoo

    Breaking down my 240gall

    Ok I have had the full set-up for sale over a week and no one seems to want the full set- up. So I am going to list all my dry goods first (I know it sounds strange) but I have few people that are wanting to buy all my coral, If they dont I will be listing that next. 1. Iwaki return pressure...
  9. kzoo

    240gall for sale

  10. kzoo

    240gall for sale

  11. kzoo

    30" coralife lunar aqualight

    How old is the light, any pics?
  12. kzoo

    SpS owners: I need advice

    You might what to run carbon in your canister if you keep softies, some release toxins in the water and can harm sps.
  13. kzoo

    protein skimmer help

    They skim protein, that turn into nitrates. I wouldnt have a tank without one. But you can do water changes.
  14. kzoo

    Enough ammonia to destroy Tokyo

    Why do water change in a cycle ?
  15. kzoo

    Enough ammonia to destroy Tokyo

    If you put new rock in your tank without curing it you will create a cycle.I think that craig 08 is curing his rock to put in his tank.
  16. kzoo


    how are you testing?
  17. kzoo

    Enough ammonia to destroy Tokyo

    Did you clean the rock at all? If it was out of the water for anytime you will have die off. Best to always scrub each rock and rinse well with salt water. I would try that now and keep changing the water and skimming. You never know there may be a fish, crab or what ever that died in the rock.
  18. kzoo

    Plumming Question

    Both work, close loop you need to have a way to filter the water so you need to run a skimmer in line or on tank. With overflow you can make things look alot cleaner by putting everything in the sump. I have seen people run both on a tank for flow.
  19. kzoo

    SpS owners: I need advice

    For you to have sucess with sps you need to get your water stable and keep your nitrates very low. This is hard with a canister filter unless you are very good about cleaning it. Do you have a skimmer? Water quality is key to keeping them.Also you need to test for alk and cal. they will need to...