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  1. viper_930

    coral id plz

    The first one is probably a M. setosa (nice find!). The palys look like organisms to me. I'm not sure about the last one. Wait until it grows out more then ask again.
  2. viper_930

    Dont ship sponges!

    Ditto ^ I've shipped several sponges and I just make sure there's no air inside the bag.
  3. viper_930

    Can I do his

    I don't quite understand. What are you hoping the dead clams are going to do for you and do you really think your LFS would want to buy dead clams off you?
  4. viper_930

    I.D. Please

    stomatella snails
  5. viper_930

    maxima doesnt want to fully open

    It looks fine to me. There's a little vermetid snail on the left side in the second pic slightly blocking the mantle, but you can easily break that tube off.
  6. viper_930

    Bioluminescent Corals>?

    There's no such thing as a truely bioluminescent coral. There's corals that'll look like it under actinics, but they're not bioluminescent. If that's what you're after, then look for green, yellow, orange, and red corals.
  7. viper_930

    Acan lord or Echinata ?

    Those are either small polyps or big hermits. :) I also compared them to the size of the mysids. If the polyps are larger than I think, then it's probably an acan lord.
  8. viper_930

    Acan lord or Echinata ?

    I'd say neither. Judging by the size it could be Micromussa amakusensis.
  9. viper_930

    Selling very rare hawiian fish from my collection

    I'm really confused. What are you selling?
  10. viper_930

    Clam and Nitrate question...

    All tridcanca clams do. It's actually the zooxanthellae within the clams' mantle that feed off the nitrates though, but unless you have many clams it's not an effective way to export lots of nitrates.
  11. viper_930

    LFS Fatalities

    They don't look like they're in that bad of shape at all. The candycane looks like the recession happened a while ago and it's already on the rebound.
  12. viper_930

    CPR BAK-PAK simple question

    You may have found the in-sump version. Does it look like this?
  13. viper_930

    ORA Suppliers has a pretty big ORA stock. Was there something you were looking for that they didn't have here?
  14. viper_930

    Price Check??

    lol no I was being serious. Cyclo is just short for cycloseris
  15. viper_930

    Price Check??

    Sure, I'd pay $75 right away to add that cyclo to my collection.
  16. viper_930

    The eyes of a clam!

    Tridacna clams do in fact have eyes, but not eyes like us or a fish to see a picture. Sometimes a single clam will have a couple thousand eyes. They can detect changes in light, colors, and also movement. The eyes can look like small black dots, often around the edges of the mantle. IME with...
  17. viper_930

    maxima clams gone!

    Bristle worms are very often mistakenly blamed for the death of a clam when they actually just show up after the clam is already dying or dead.
  18. viper_930

    New Clam

    Nice derasa!
  19. viper_930

    Red Wrath Anemone?
  20. viper_930

    help coral's not growing in 6g nano cube

    As long as the temperature is fine then there's no problem with having a 150 watt halide over a 6 gallon tank. It's about the distance, not the size of the tank. I have corals 3" deep under halides in a 30 gallon. It's exactly the same as corals 3" deep in a 6 gallon. As Guy asked, what corals...