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  1. dvs

    My lights quit working! Help!

    Hey all, My lights stopped working on my nano a few days ago. I noticed a slightly electrical smoky smell coming from my ballast. This has happened before and I just switched ballasts with my other nano since it's not set up now. Has anyone else had this happen? My moon lights are still...
  2. dvs

    Let's Play Name That Animal!

    Thanks morval. He's all the way at the bottom front of my tank and the other ones are kind of hidden in the rock away from the light. I hope they do well.
  3. dvs

    My friends gave me a 24 nano complete set up!

    Bet you had fun moving that thing! I just moved my 12g and it was a pain in the... well, you know. I just got a 24g for my birthday that Im setting up. Looks good, keep us posted!
  4. dvs

    Let's Play Name That Animal!

    Also, he's in my 12g Nano. Do you guys think he'll be okay in there? He's grown quite a bit since I found him.
  5. dvs

    Let's Play Name That Animal!

    Thanks! I'm kinda surprised it's in there. I havent added anything to my tank in over a year. I'll post some more pics as it gets bigger.
  6. dvs

    Let's Play Name That Animal!

    Lets try this again...
  7. dvs

    Let's Play Name That Animal!

    Our first contestant tonight is something growing in my tank. At first we thought it might be a type of mushroom polyp, like a ricordea but after doing some searching online and running into pics of strawberry anemones, were really not sure. This guy is still pretty small, a little bit bigger...
  8. dvs

    My New 24 JBJ Nano Cube

    The tank is looking good! My boyfriend got me one yesterday for my birthday and I cant wait to get it up and running. Keep us posted!
  9. dvs

    Im moving!

    Hey guys! Whats the best way to move a tank? I have my 12g Nano that I have to move down 3 flights of stairs and then about a 15 minute drive. I was thinking about draining half the water into bags and sticking my livestock in them (individual bags, of course) I have my clown, cleaner shrimp...
  10. dvs

    bored. lets get a new ink thread goin

    Its worth it. A little extra metal never hurt anybody. I have my 4, which I think everyone has seen more than they wanted to so I wont post them. Im either gonna check out some studios in the area or wait til I visit my Mom in May and just go to Tattoo Charlies. Theyve done all of my work and I...
  11. dvs

    My new nano pics

    Lookin good Clarkii! I just added some creeping xenia, a ric and some pulsating xenia to mine. I am interested in that intake mod you were talking about. Im also thinking about upgrading my pump. Any ideas? Thanks! Jen :joy:
  12. dvs

    Wocka's 20g nano!

    Looks great Wocka! How long has it been up and running?
  13. dvs

    My better half, wants a Nano Tank-which one do I buy??

    Depending on what kind of anemone you plan on getting, you may have to upgrade the lighting. I have the JBJ Nano-Cube DX and I love it! Good luck! Jen
  14. dvs

    New England Aquarium, Boston

    And last one...
  15. dvs

    New England Aquarium, Boston

  16. dvs

    New England Aquarium, Boston

  17. dvs

    New England Aquarium, Boston

    even more jellies
  18. dvs

    New England Aquarium, Boston

    green anemones
  19. dvs

    New England Aquarium, Boston

  20. dvs

    New England Aquarium, Boston

    Blue Lobster