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  1. balashark21

    i miss my tank!!!

    well it was going through an algea bloom that i was taking care of. my parents didnt like the algea and tore it down while i was at my friends house :D doncha just love my parents?
  2. balashark21

    i miss my tank!!!

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. sry just was thinkin bout my tank
  3. balashark21

    Ot Gooooooood Neeeewwwwssss

    a fried of ours is working on the movie and he is finding out if there any available parts for me to audition for!!!! that would be awesom if i got a major part like maby if will and elizebeth had a son! i am only 15 so i dunno if i could play a soldier but it WOULD be fun to get shot by a...
  4. balashark21

    Ot Gooooooood Neeeewwwwssss

    i might get a part in pirates of the carribean 2 or 3!!!!!!!! its a small chance but its a chance nontheless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  5. balashark21

    only in this hobby

    lets here some wierd things we do that would rais eyebrows of other people. i'll go first: getting all exited and paying 4-12$/lb of bactearia infested rocks. whos next?
  6. balashark21

    reclusive crab is he normal?

    i have one crab in my tank and he is a hawiian strawberry crab. i got him about 4 months ago. to this date i have never seen him out in the open. is this normal? i know he is still alive cuz i have seen molts. so whats goin on?? plz help.
  7. balashark21

    2 new corals!!!!

    thank you for all of your replys. the starburst are in a high flow area. the bubble is non branching i have never heard of a branching coral i gave the bubble PLENTY of room to grow i will feed him mysis and brine shrimp as often as it will take them. Yellow Tail: the tank has been up and...
  8. balashark21

    MY FIRST HITCHHIKER congratulations for me!!!

    i just discovered my first hitchhiker!! a baby snail!!! yay i am exited i was begining to wonder about my lr
  9. balashark21

    2 new corals!!!!

    just got an AWESOM whit with green tint bubble coral and some starburst polyps. YAY!!!:jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: . is it ok to put bubble coral in sand?? i am having a hard time placing him cuz no good place on the rocks for him. is it only lps that dont attach or sps too? is it...
  10. balashark21

    ???????which reef package for a 30 gallon reef tank??????

    make yor own the pakages are waaaaay too big and contain incompatable inverts.
  11. balashark21

    OT horrible dream

    knock on wood
  12. balashark21

    Help me trim down a cleaner crew for my 75

    sounds good. wait till you get fish to get the nass. they are just scavengers and will starve to death if you dont feed them. they eat leftovers. very usefull if you overfeed your tank.
  13. balashark21

    Help me trim down a cleaner crew for my 75

    sry to disagrea dad but honestly the blue leg hermits wil just end up killing the reds. so the reef pkg's here are a waste of money and also starfish are completly unexeptable in a system that young
  14. balashark21

    Help me trim down a cleaner crew for my 75

    drop the peps cuz they dont do much anyways. get only about 5-10 nass snails( they are only good for eating leftovers not for cleaning sand bed or rocks) and DEFINATLY get some turbo snails or you will have a nasty brown algea on your glass that you have to clean everyday. turbo snails are very...
  15. balashark21

    Can you find the nudi?

    i found it i found it but i wont spoil it for everyone else. what do i win??:hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious
  16. balashark21

    ??? about plumbing 2 tanks together

    yeah the way i see it this wont work too well. i think i am going to scrappe the project and just focus on my 30 get some new corals :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: i can get some VERY rare corals with the money i was planning on spending. it would have been cool tho. hmmmm but hey i need some...
  17. balashark21

    ??? about plumbing 2 tanks together

    bump :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious
  18. balashark21

    ??? about plumbing 2 tanks together

    i have a 30 gallon up and running for about 4 months. i would like to get a 40 gallon or so corner tank and plumb the two together. how would i go about doing this??? would i have to cycle the corner before plumbing?? or oculd i just plumb togethere and watch ammonia, trates and trites?? and...
  19. balashark21

    what type of crab?

    what do you mean when you say ''filter the water"???
  20. balashark21

    reef packages

    sammy i agrea on the fighting conch hardes worker in my tank. only do mexicans if you have a hair algea problem. they will knock over most rock work but if you dont worry about toppling rock work once in awhile then go for it. but FOR SURE get a fighting conch.