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  1. matro

    What's your JOB?

    Hey guys. My best advice is to find the people who have been doing a job for a long time, and observe their life. Are they happy? Did they sacrifice their morals(non-affiliated). What is their life like, and is that the general direction that you want yours to go. I did a lot of sales jobs...
  2. matro

    LARGE spider web..

    I'm pretty sure that wolf spiders are "chasers", not web builders. But I'm not really IN to spiders. Our house is in the woods though, and it's a constant turf war of mildly venemous insects.
  3. matro

    First Digital EOS REB pics

    c'mon 10D just a liiitle lower, c'mon. Great pictures. I wussed out and bought a cheapy to last me until the EOS 10D drops under 1K:thinking:
  4. matro

    Metal Halide prices....

    I would agree with above statements regarding slow pace and a good book. You should find a detailed report on lighting, sounds like there's still some confusion. You really won't need the lights for a while now. Most things that require a lot of light need very good water conditions which...
  5. matro


    Hey Dobelady, sorry about not getting back to you on lights. I have a trip planned to the keys this week, and as you can guess, it's getting pretty hectic. I'm not sure, so if someone puts up money, go for it. -Matt
  6. matro

    Lighting for a 55 gallon reef aquarium

    Hey dobelady. send me some mail. Age(the light:D)? Single 175? Brand? cincymatt(at)mailcity(dot)com
  7. matro

    filtration for reef tank showdown...

    Hey hobbi, What do you do about chiller exhaust? It seems like it would work hard b/c the tank would re-absorb the heat. But then, I've never had one.
  8. matro

    Baby shark

    monster crabs
  9. matro

    Baby shark

    I tried to get these guys 'cause they made me laugh every time they swam by but they were quick.
  10. matro

    Baby shark

    Thanks guys. Yes, it was the Newport aquarium. That was my first time there. I really liked the jellyfish room. And I'm not very fond of jellyfish. I have tons of pics, but I try to reserve myself.:)
  11. matro

    48in Light on 55gal what kind of corals can you Grow

    There is an entire spectrum of quality ranging from worthless to wonderful sold in 48" lengths. You need to figure out what you want to have in your tank and then get lights that would support them. I can't say I know what will grow under which light but I know some basic ideas. Here are the...
  12. matro

    First corals!

    Don't listen to them lion, just put a lamp next to the tank and you should be fine (Be sure to take that lampshade off). If you colored the bulb blue, it would be actinic. Maybe a flashlight pointed at the coral
  13. matro

    No Sump + No Fuge = Successful Reef

    I know I'm really late on this one, but it's about E-BAY. They are no help. Their Mediation is a 3rd(4th) party process that costs like $20. I sent $120 to oklahoma which has apparently vanished(into the sellers garbage) and was never told until weeks later and loss of reciept(house turned...
  14. matro

    Baby shark

    Yeah, I found one on the beach when I was young and had no idea what it ws until this weekend. I loved the cuttlefish. They have been my favorite since I was like 10. Each spot of brown was flickering like a tv pixel. If it weren't for the short life span and general difficulty I would try...
  15. matro

    Baby shark

    I'll stop now
  16. matro

    Baby shark

    not fish, but still cool
  17. matro

    Baby shark

  18. matro

    Baby shark

    The happiest turtle ever
  19. matro

    Baby shark

    muddy the mudskipper
  20. matro

    Baby shark

    and this wolf looks cartoony