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  1. Kristin1234


    Isn't Grand Cayman spectacular? Never dove, but snorkelling alone we saw lobster the size of my leg, puffer fish, queen triggers and a tiny little octopus just prancing accross the ocean floor. Not to mention the countless rays and turtles.
  2. Kristin1234

    Calling the old posse!!!

    You gotta show me the new setup
  3. Kristin1234

    Calling the old posse!!!

    Sucks big man! Honestly I was past due on my water changes, let it go about 2 months without anything. So then I ordered this rodi unit and made a bunch of salt water and with it being 100 gallon tank, and 50 gallon sump, I thought 50 was okay. But then one by one, fish started creoking. Water...
  4. Kristin1234

    Calling the old posse!!!

    But life outside the tank is good!! How are you!?
  5. Kristin1234

    Calling the old posse!!!

    Here it is.
  6. Kristin1234

    Calling the old posse!!!

    Oh it's going alright.... My tank? Not so much. I'm down to 3 fish, and pretty sure 1 is trying to kick it. So that'll leave me with 2. A wrasse and a cardinal. I've lost everything. I have 3 suspicions. Either my lovely 4 year old dumped something into the sump, or the last water change I...
  7. Kristin1234

    Calling the old posse!!!

    What up Jay!!
  8. Kristin1234

    share your triggerfish!

  9. Kristin1234

    5g reef

    Cool looking tank.
  10. Kristin1234


    Is it me your looking for? No? Huh.
  11. Kristin1234

    16 gallon biocube?

    I don't think a bio cube is defined by the gallons or dimensions. It could still be a bio cube even though it isn't 29 gallons.
  12. Kristin1234

    Marine fish dying and unsure why

    I would say yes. 75 is too small for any tang.
  13. Kristin1234

    Disease or wound

    I bet it's the hawk fish being aggressive. File fish are very hard to care for so research up!!
  14. Kristin1234


    I got both for my week vacation and everything was great. A month is kinda scary but I'm sure all will be fine!
  15. Kristin1234


    May wanna look into a auto top off as well.
  16. Kristin1234

    Lynn's 125

    Tank looks awesome!
  17. Kristin1234

    Yellow Jawfish Eggs

    I have not the slightest clue, but that's pretty cool.
  18. Kristin1234

    you ever think about just getting out of it?

    Welcome back!
  19. Kristin1234

    Made a mistake setting up my new aquarium

    Undissolved **
  20. Kristin1234

    Made a mistake setting up my new aquarium

    Will the undisclosed salt particles not hurt anything?