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  1. squidworth

    Overflow help

    Well I have the intake that will draw air fairly soon on power failure, I would say a little wetness would happen, but wetness none the less. Good suggestion on the check with the pump company.
  2. squidworth

    Overflow help

    I have a 75 gallon folr tank with a hang on overflow. It has about an inch drain line out of the box then into about 1.5 inch hose to my wet dry. I had to by a new return pump (600 gph), and it seems that it is just a little too much flow. It will suck my sump down then blow bubbles. It is an...
  3. squidworth

    High head set up

    I am considering adding a fuge to a 75 gallon tank dsb 75lbs live rock. I have not taken great care of this tank in the past as I have to carry water up and down a set of steps. I would like to pipe the tank to my basement, but I will have about 17 feet of lift to contend with. My questions are...
  4. squidworth

    Rainbow lifegard opinions

    Could I get some opinions on the Rainbow lifegard systems? I am looking to work my long neglected 75 fowlr (75 lbs) with a 5"dsb and 440 watts (2 10,000k and 2 03 actinic) into shape with a few equipment upgrades. I am looking at a mechanical filter and a chemical filter.
  5. squidworth

    Power Outages: Its That Time of Yr Again

    A good quality marine battery, cheap battery charger, and a 500-1000 watt power inverter will do the trick. Keep the battery charged with the trickle charge setting (low amp). You can stress test it with your equipment to see just what the maximum time is. I think that most of the smaller pumps...
  6. squidworth

    Lighting upgrade advice

    I have decided on this fixture for my lighting upgrade. I Have a 75 gal fowlr, dsb, 50 lbs lr for now. I plan on only keeping "easy" types of corals and light loving critters to add to the beauty of the tank (1 diamond gobie, 1-four stripe, 1 tomato clown, 1 coral hogfish) at this time . Here...
  7. squidworth

    lamp choice?

    I am looking at adding a 4 lamp vho to my 75 fowlr 5 inch dsb in the hopes of slowley learning and adding some nice looking entry level corals and such. I need advice on my lamp choice. they are as follows 1 uri aquasun10,000k 2 uri superactinic 3 and uri super actinic white 50/50 Of course...
  8. squidworth

    What about a hogfish

    I have had a coral hogfish for about 1 month now. I love to watch him swim constantly. What are some good tankmates to go with him. He is currently with 1 1" 3 stripe, 1 diamond gobbie. 75g 50lbs lr 4"dsb 18 month old tank with a very good base of copods and the like.
  9. squidworth

    Man I love triggers

    I love the looks of a trigger, problem is I don't want a full blown aggressive set up. What trigger can I have in a few community fish. Or what fish can I have with a Trigger. I have a flame angel, diamond gobbie, 3 stripe, and a yellow tang ina 75 fowlr. Can I have my cake and eat it to? Or is...
  10. squidworth

    OT - Breast Cancer

    We can make a difference in a small way!!!!!
  11. squidworth

    t-8 or t-12 bulbs

    The number means 1/8". A t-8 is 8/8 of an inch or 1 inch. A t-12 is 12/8 of an inch or 1 1/2 inch. These bulbs will interchange with no retrofit to the lamp HOLDER or ENDS. The ballast is quite different and will not interchange between the different bulb diameters
  12. squidworth


    What are a couple of magazines a guy can subscribe to? I have a fowlr and would be interested in reading more on that topic and reef topics.
  13. squidworth

    dying snails

    I have had the same problem with snails. I agree with beth that I am sure that mine were starving. It always leveled out with about 5 medium to small snails.
  14. squidworth

    Lfs having strange meltdown

    My lfs owner is grasping for answers. I told him about this board and he asked if I would post his problem. He is in need of Beth or Terry B. help. This problem has happened 3 times this year. He runs a very clean system, fw dips fish and will not sell them for at least a week after they start...
  15. squidworth

    Heater Questions

    I sure do like ebo-jager. I broke one in a dumb ass attack a while back. It just got a crack in it, so I took it outside and started beating the crap out of it and man did it take a licking before the inner glass went.
  16. squidworth

    New skimmer

    I am in the market for a new skimmer. I have a 75 gal with 50 lbs lr (soon to be 100). I have a 10 gallon tank with a wet dry filter and I am planning a new refugium to go with it. I have the pleasure of shopping for my own christmas present and want a new skimmer. I want a good one that will go...
  17. squidworth

    New sand

    I have a 75 gal with 4-5" dsb. It is playsand, but comming along nicely with the 50 lbs lr I put in. I came across a 20lb bag of caribsea agri live reef sand and put it in on top...Wow it looks a ton better and I want to go ahead and spend the cash and do my whole dsb with it. How would I do...
  18. squidworth

    Sump flows?

    After looking at broomers put together, I am starting the works on a new refugium with my wet dry sitting next to it under a 75 gal. What is the suggested flows for a set up like the one broomer has on his page. I am running a return pump out of my wet dry sump about 1900 liters per hour...
  19. squidworth

    I was slapped in the face by terry b

    This is the post terry left me This is a good example of why I keep telling everyone to keep a cycled Qtank up and running at all times. It is frustrating that people don't listen and most of them won't even quarantine until after they kill some fish. Why does everyone resist quarantining? It is...
  20. squidworth

    Will drugs kill the bacteria?

    I have a hospital tank that is brand new. I put NITROFURAZONE in it, will it kill the starter filter media I put in there from show tank?:confused: