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  1. whitey_028

    White Fish???

    acclamate a white mollie
  2. whitey_028

    MAJANO? lol, please say no...

    yeah i thought they would look pretty if they spread so i left them not thinking of the consequences... luckily i still have half my coral to propogate again... good luck on the removal process... i ended up taking rock by rock over a period of about a month out of my tank that was infested and...
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    MAJANO? lol, please say no...

    i did and the mojano wins:( bagoda cups and frogspan and all:( Allthough my shrooms made it? $6 shrroms and a 60 dollar cup hmm sucks
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    MAJANO? lol, please say no...

    yes they are bad i jsut spent 6 hours last night manually removing them:( after they had reproduced soo much in one month to kill almost $1000 worth of coral and really [hr] up my water balance... Yes i was lazy for a month and thats something in this hobby you just cant be:(
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    New zoo pictures, need help w/ id

    Make a name for them like everyone else does...
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    coral wannabe stupid question

    a 15 year old and a razor blade? now theres a good combination... I tried to cut everything when i was a kid:candles,papers,hair, what else does this sharp little thing cut?lol jk enjoy and happy scraping...
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    getting an anemone

    Also you might want to get your own test kit as the fish store will tell you "everything is ok" just to make the sale of that 30 dollar sebae...
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    What is this growth on my LR?

    Is it hard or soft? and definiately kill the bubbles before the bubbles kill your fish...
  9. whitey_028

    Piece of JUNK power strip!

    woohooo thank you to the person who made this thread because i was about to buy one... Thank you for saving me the 40 bucks!
  10. whitey_028

    ID this stinger

    Majano is what they are i have some in my tank and they spread like aptasia. I thought they looked pretty at one point in time but now I’m beginning to dislike them as they are a nuisance coral…Majano Anemones are somewhat less of a nuisance than Aiptasia, partially because they are somewhat...
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    Why am I being told to throw out the Bio-balls?

    bio balls are not organic and cannot produce the amount of denitrification bacteria that the live rock can... The live rock basically incorporates more of a fuge for the bacteria and enzymes needed to break down the nitrates... Its not a full proof plan though as i have seen organics get caught...
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    Originally Posted by Dogstar I used a couple of their tubes to make reflectors for my MHs. They reflect nearly 100 % you have any pics?
  13. whitey_028

    Why am I being told to throw out the Bio-balls?

    Place the rubble rock where the bio balls were...
  14. whitey_028

    Why am I being told to throw out the Bio-balls?

    they hold the bacteria in the bio balls that create the nitrate pockets that are releasing in your tank... The best thing to do is replace the bioballs with live rock rubble so that you still "break" the water that passes over it but it doesnt create nitrate pockets... Or you can take the...
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    anyone try this yet?
  16. whitey_028

    Snail Species (Photos and Descriptions)

    Can someone add a pic and description of zebra snails also? This is a very helpful and informational thread by the way. Great Job!
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    Question about lights/glass tops

    Also totally enclosed tops prevent the gas exchange of oxygen and the suface of the water... there are options to the glass tops such as egg crates ect...
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    Will a brittle star climb out of the tank?

    Originally Posted by alyssia Last night I was looking at my tank w/ a flashlight and my very large, VERY freaky hairy brittle was at the very top of the tank hanging on a PH. Will they climb out? Cause I will have a heart attack if it does. :scared: Usually when they hit the surface tension of...
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    Originally Posted by TX Reef Corals grow just fine under natural light in the wild......they do not "need" actinic lighting or any additional blue spectrum lighting to grow. thats what i was thinking...