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  1. sly

    Help maintenance issues refugium and sea swirl

    Did you dump the water out of the skimmer when you cleaned it? If so then you will be low on water. How is your refugium set up? You mentioned that you have 3 chambers in it. How are they connected? Is the low chamber where the pump is located? If you dumped salt water out, then you will need to...
  2. sly

    new live sand carpet sand to smooth off cyano algae?

    I would also add low salinity and old lighting...
  3. sly

    Fish ideas for 55 gallon help.

    How is your tank running? What are your nitrates, nitrites, etc? What kind of lighting do you have? Before you stock your tank, you need to make sure all of your equipment and water parameters are in order and that you have a well established tank. My first bit of advice is that when you add...
  4. sly


    I've had a 10 gallon fuge on my 72 gallon bow front for 8 years and it does fine. I put a plexiglass divider wall in it with a deep sand bed, mangroves and chaeto on one side and a U tube siphon tube on the other to return it to the sump. I have it lit with a simple 100 watt equivalent CFL bulb...
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    Water change.

    No. Those filters simply improve the taste of water. They really do not provide any real filtration.
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    filter help

    Alkalinity refers more to the hardness level of the water. As for the filters, what do your parameters say? I would go by my water testing to determine if the pads need replacing. Typically you replace carbon pads on a monthly schedule but it really depends on the bioload of your tank. If your...
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    Water change.

    If you don't have the budget yet for a reverse osmosis system, then you can buy "The Tap Water Filter". I had good success with it before I got a RO/DI system. I ended up getting a Whirlpool system and then I bought a separate de-ionizing cartridge and hooked them both together.
  8. sly

    seaweed food???

    I never could get them to stay attached to the rocks for long that way. Maybe you might have better luck. I just place mine against the tank and hold it in place with one of those cleaning magnets. As long as it's fresh and you keep the bag sealed up, I wouldn't worry about boiling or rinsing...
  9. sly

    Cyanobacteria Outbreak!! Could use some advice.

    Yes, I would also recommend getting your tank in order with the lighting schedule, feeding and cleaning before trying other things. Once you've gotten your tank stabilized, if it still doesn't look like the cyano is going away then you might try raising your SG slightly. But only after doing the...
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    HELP! Water evaporation

    My water evaporates. every 2 to 3 days I have to add water. will it harm my tank? got fish and corals. It will not harm your tank unless it evaporates too much and you start to affect your salinity. If you have fans in your hood they can affect your evaporation. Consider putting them on...
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    They may be too big for him.
  12. sly

    Cyanobacteria Outbreak!! Could use some advice.

    The thing I found that works best for me is raising the salinity. If my salinity is even a LITTLE low, I will start getting cyano blooms. Make sure your salt levels are good and high. As a last resort they make additives which can kill cyano but they can also harm other things such as corals as...
  13. sly

    Going Bigger!! Need advice please

    I would try to keep as much water and substrate as possible. You also need to temperature acclimate your livestock and I would also recommend lowering the lighting some for a few days. Reduce the lighting period to both prevent shock to the fish and to help the corals photo-acclimate. Then...
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    Coral Life Skimmer 125

    Have you found any results to your test yet?
  15. sly

    Aquarium Safety

    I have a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher installed in the fish room... good advice.
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    Where do you place your Thermometers?

    Originally Posted by Culp how much did that cost? for my tank i just test the temp when ever i feel because i have three heaters and the temp never goes up or down 1 degree. I got it for free... My temp doesn't vary much either but it's still a good idea to check. My biggest concern is that a...
  17. sly

    Why did my Clown jump???

    Not sure why some fish jump... I guess they are just being fish. I lost my mandarin goby about a month ago. I had him for over 2 years. I raised the lid to feed them one day and found him dried up, on top of the egg crate cover. I don't even know how he fit through the squares...
  18. sly

    Where do you place your Thermometers?

    I don't use a thermometer... I have an infrared thermal gun and I just shoot the tank once per day in several different places.
  19. sly

    Crazy Myth's Lets hear them

    Originally Posted by sepulatian Garlic is reported to stimulate the fish to eat. That's all I use it for. There might be some benefits to garlic on the immune system but it only works for fresh garlic cloves. Once the juice is extracted, oxygen quickly breaks it down into nothing more than a...
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    Crazy Myth's Lets hear them

    Originally Posted by PEZenfuego Garlic WILL help a fish with parasites. Ever heard of using garlic to ward off blood sucking vampires? Well it works the same way for fish. For example, if I eat a lot of garlic or even garlic chicken before camping, I tend to get a loss less mosquito bites...