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  1. robsw

    DeMartini's 8 gallon BioCube

    Looks like someone came into some money? Tank looks awesome. love the palys. Cya Rob
  2. robsw

    Lighting for 29gal

    I run a 250watt DE MH w/ a 14k hammy bulb about 12" off the surface. My coral looks awesome and i dont have any heat problems. Rob
  3. robsw

    240 cube for sale in Atl. Ga $500

    im notsure but i think i see a crack in the bak, to the right, behind the overflow. is that the bottom euro bracing and does that affect anything structurally? Im interested if this is not an issue rob
  4. robsw

    50g Corner System - Orlando

    im in daytona, how much are u asking for it
  5. robsw

    Finnex T-5

    has anyone used these. i was looking at the 6 bulb - 24 inch. on a 29 gallon tank. i believe this will allow me to keep almost anything. but i dont think that these have individual reflectors. can someone please help me decide thanks rob
  6. robsw


    i am looking into upgrading one of my tanks from pc to T-5, only because the canopy is kinda low. what is the suggested hight to hang these fixtures. If i put them about 4 inches off the water would this be a problem. by the way the tankis a 29 so im looking at 24" 4 bulb retro, possibly a...
  7. robsw

    Coral ID

    in my opinion it looks kinda like a dendro. EZ comp on -- has one. supposedly they are really rare. idk im probably wrong, but figured id take a shot. HTH Rob
  8. robsw

    Does anyone know? (closed loop)

    be careful i have heard that some ofthe pumps sold at Lowes and HD, have copper inside of them because are outdoor industrial pumops, not pumps for reef tanks. look on the box of the pump it may have the info that you are looking for. HTH Rob
  9. robsw

    New 20 gallon question

    Like he said, just check the parameters, but i would really like to know how deep your sand bed is becuase 50lbs, in that small of a tank seems to be really deep and could give you major problems in the future. Also how did you get almost 80lbs of rock in there? You have to share the secret...
  10. robsw

    suger to lower nitrates?

    i have never done it, but it seems like if you add to much i can really mess up ur tank. if you have explosive bacteria blooms and deaths, couldnt you go into a mini-cycle.
  11. robsw

    Clams - 12 Gallon Nano

    i would say not to do it. it may 6-8 months, but PC's dont have enough par to keep the clam alive for extended periods of time. if it is a small clam under 3 inches you might be ok, because they do not solely rely on light, they need to be sspot fed. even a small one will need to be placed up...
  12. robsw

    29g Skimmer Recomendations

    i am now skimmer shopping for my 29g SPS tank. I have narrowed it down to ASM Baby G ASM G-1 SuperSkimmer 65 Euro Reef RS-80 i know some people have to have experiance with these skimmers. After narrowing it down to this i am completely stuck. what would u choose? Rob
  13. robsw

    clams under PC

    i know u didnt really want opinionated answers, but i actually hae some experiance because in my first tank, 10g with 50watt PC, i put in a dersa. Now this was a stupid thing to do but i was a noob. the clam looked great for about a month, then it started losing its color and stopped opening as...
  14. robsw

    clams under PC

    i would not reccommend putting a clam under PCs just becuase i dont believe the PAR levels are high enough to sustain a clam long term. Sure some people have done it, this is just my opinion HTH Rob
  15. robsw

    175watt MH on a 20g?

    Your 175 will be perfect, because it is mogul i think that it actually about the same power as a 150 HQI. If you decided to get a new light id go with a 250 HQI with a 14 or 20K bulb and hang it about 2 feet above the tank. HTH ROb
  16. robsw

    rust on pump

    i dont mean to hijack, but isnt rust ferric oxide? and isnt ferric oxide what they use in Phosban? I think rust is bad in a tank, but if it is ferric oxide, why do they use it in phosban? Someone correct me if im wrong. Rob
  17. robsw

    Best calcium suppliment for coraline algae

    i know, thats what i was trying to say he is cycling the tank with a clown trigger.
  18. robsw

    Metal Halides for a 12 gallon?

    150 is deff. not too much light. I am in the process of building my 20L and put a 250watt HQI Hamilton Reefstar w 14k. Do you have a sump or anyway to do ATO? Just make sure that you acclimate all ur corals. HTH Rob
  19. robsw

    Best calcium suppliment for coraline algae

    a clown trigger is a really expensive fish to cycle a tank with and i would get him out ASAP. ur cycle will start itself if u have uncured rock. If its cured add a large coktail shrimp, or a damsel. u shud worry about this before coraline HTH Rob
  20. robsw

    Metal Halides for a 12 gallon?

    I would go with a 150 sunpod, just make sure to acclimate your corals. you can do this with black porch screen. Remove a layer of screening every coupla days. Or if you go ull strength, then reduce the number of hours your lights are on. HTH Rob