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  1. choog

    color blind hobbyists?

    Yep. . . .colorblindness over here. Have to get the wife to help read my tests.
  2. choog

    alternative to flake food?

    In the tank at work the yellow tang eats mysis shrimp. If we put any algae sheets in there the Niger Trigger destroys it. Of course he eats everything.
  3. choog

    Water Circulation Question

    So is it safe to say that about half of your total water circulation should be in the tank itself and not through the sump? However, what is the appropriate flow through the sump? The suggested values that I have seen I assume to be total amount of flow.
  4. choog

    Water Circulation Question

    I have read that you need to pump 10-15 times per hour the gallon size of your tank. Say I had a 180 gallon tank. I'm aiming for 10X that per hour. So I need 1800 GPH. If my return pump flows at 1400 GPH and I had a powerhead in the tank that flowed 400 GPH then I get 1800. I know that the...
  5. choog

    First time sump/refugium

    Originally Posted by florida joe What I would do at this point is to turn off the pump. There is going to be a certain amount of back flow until your siphon brake mechanisms take effect. If you think you will overflow your sump, start the pump. Remove some water from your DT thus lowering the...
  6. choog

    Need help with plumbing aquac ev 180 externally.

    I just got an EV-240 and have to do the same thing. You can go to Aqua C's website and get a pdf of all their manuals for free. Setting it up externally seems very easy to do.
  7. choog

    DIY Sump

    This guy seems to have sump making down to a fine art. Got a lot of info from this site. Hope it helps.
  8. choog

    How you Texan's making out?

    I'm in Waller, about 30-40 miles NW of Houston. We lost power for about 12 hrs today but back on now. Got about 6.5-7" of rain so far and missing quite a few shingles. A lot of branches down everywhere. Fortunately for Galveston the surge was only about 13.5 feet as apposed to the 20-22 they...
  9. choog

    skimmer placement in sump

    I'm slowly stocking up on equipment before buying a tank. I just bought a sump that has a small intake area that leads into a larger fuge area. From there it goes into a medium size return area that could hold the skimmer and return pump. After reading up a little more I agree with others that...
  10. choog


    I don't care when it comes on as long as it does that way I can get it later on dvd. I'm addicted to the show too much to wait a week between episodes. One time my girlfriend and I watched 15 in one day. Plus this gives me time to watch season 6.
  11. choog

    what are the top 3 best brands of.....

    IMO, Gibson, Taylor, and Takamine
  12. choog

    Wow! Barry Bonds Finally Indited!

    Originally Posted by Zerorossi losers cheat Is your avatar Ron Jeremy dressed up like Mario?
  13. choog

    What Do You See?

    Originally Posted by Grennan Michael Jackson? that's more dangerous than any eel!
  14. choog

    The Golden Compass

    Originally Posted by Jmick This movie doesn't even have a rating yet and from what I have seen so far I wouldn't say it's aimed at the 5-10 year old crowd. Kids 11 and older are old enough to be exposed to idea's that run counter to Christainity and as a parent it'd be a great opportunity to...
  15. choog

    The Golden Compass

    Originally Posted by Jmick What's wrong with children being exposed to christain and atheist ideas? Can't they make up their own minds on what they believe? I agree with people making up their own minds, but children are not mature enough to do so most of the times. If someone wants to try to...
  16. choog

    the problem with Bio-fuel

    Originally Posted by Nano Reefer e-85 ethanol is half as efficient as gasoline. Meaning that 2 gallons of e-85 is equal to 1 gallon of gasoline (mileage). E-85 ethanol better be less than a dollar a gallon, or i will never buy one. I would get hydrogen though... From what I have learned in...
  17. choog

    Barry Bonds. LOL !!!

    hahahahaha. . . . .that is an awesome rookie card!
  18. choog

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Originally Posted by ruaround here we go again!!! i thought these jokes were old 2 years ago... Chuck Norris was asked to do the sequel of Broke Back Mountain... he simply asked how many __x scenes... Chuck Norris refuses to fight in the octogon because there isnt enough corners for him to hide...
  19. choog

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Chuck Norris does not wear a condom. Because there is no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves. Chuck Norris can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into the Hulk. When the...
  20. choog

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Has anyone else ever heard Chuck Norris jokes? I think they are hilarious. Just curious if it's only around the south or if they're heard everywhere. Here's a few. chuck norris can squeeze orange juice from a banana chuck norris counted to infinity. . . . . .twice chuck norris CAN divide by zero...