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  1. fishy411

    Need money selling Nintendo Gamecube and DS

    Originally posted by lefty Going to put that money toward an Xbox? :D :D -lefty he should
  2. fishy411

    Favorite movies

    any monty python Not another teen movie any Adam sandler Texas Chainsaw massacre ( i have no idea why)
  3. fishy411

    fish that like to cruise in schools???

    i don tknow if this si true but i have heard that if u keep chromis in an even numbered school they will kill each other off to have an odd numbered school. A lot of schooling fish dont school in the aquarium because i think they only school when there is danger around and if there is no danger...
  4. fishy411

    2700 gallon aquarium pics

    Looks awesome. I cant wait to see pics of it all set up with sharks and stuff.Will the 12000 house teh black tip for life? Connor you just made 3 posts about the same thing. No one cares about your post count
  5. fishy411

    How many forum members does it take to change a lightbulb?

    i think if we add up all the posts at the end of this month we may have close to the numbers in the original post.
  6. fishy411

    Playstaion 3 anytime soon?

    these systems are getting more and more expensive. I though 180 was a lot for an xbox but now it seems like nothing compared to 300$.
  7. fishy411

    Flying gunard

    awesome fish. Looks like it will need a tight lid though. hop eu have one. It should be a nice addition to yur Volitans
  8. fishy411

    so what do you think????

    I would think yur tangs would be killing each other. Most people have like 3 in a 125 but u have 4. U must be extremely lucky
  9. fishy411

    Serious problem!!!

    U have a b-e-a utiful lion. Im sorry to say yur tank is massively overstocked. The lion should be in a 75 if it's a volitan. I didnt look closely at it. Yeah Damsels are a good treat for a lion and a Blenny would make a good dessert
  10. fishy411

    so what do you think????

    run...... Tang police! j/k. Those tangs are awesome
  11. fishy411

    white tip

    Where can i find 2 other threads on this topic? o yes. The aggressive forum. U need like a 10,000 gallon tank i think.
  12. fishy411

    Fresh Start

    Anemones need EXTREMELY high lighting an a tank that has been established at LEAST a year.THey have dismal rates of survival in the home aquarium DOnt worry though if u r as addicted as teh rest of us you will probly have a 300 gallon tank with like 5 anemones by next year. Try looking at...
  13. fishy411

    180 gallon

    Nigers, Pinktails, and Bluethroats can be kept mwith lions and Picasso's are iffy but it can eb done
  14. fishy411

    lionfish vs. green wolf eel

    V-lions need a 100 gallon tank. U could do an Antennata, Dwarf fuzzy, or Dwarf zebra
  15. fishy411

    180 gallon

    Originally posted by lion_crazz primetime, that is a great stock list so far. Sounds like your tank is off to a great start. fishy411, I have no experience with keeping russel's, so I couldn't give an opinion on them. Is that a Russel's in your pic? Yeah thats a russells. It is conogre's. (...
  16. fishy411

    Lets see those Lions!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by unleashed well if hes already burried then, i say let sleeping squirrelfish lie flush. Didnt any see Pet sematary
  17. fishy411

    Whats Your Favorate Fish!!

    Russells lionfish. Or any Anthias. Still thinking about stocking for my 55 when it goes sw
  18. fishy411

    Aggressive 125

    can u get a side view o fthe lion. The webbing on teh pectoral fins reminds me of a Russells. which i am pretty sure it is. SOrry to bother u if i'm wrong. Also the fin tips on the dorsal and pectoral fins are fleshy and wavy at the end
  19. fishy411

    Aggressive 125

    Your V lions is a Russells lion. Much better IMO. Your tank looks good. Does your puffer nip at yur lion a lot?
  20. fishy411

    Dwarf Lion

    yeah lions are compatible with anything that wont fit in its mouth and wont kill it. they arent aggressive. Just predatory