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  1. chano

    Show off your Clowns!

    this is isis in her anemone horace.
  2. chano

    id help

    I would say its an LTA for the simple fact that it is planted in the sandbed. Condys seem to prefer to be on the rock rather than the sandbed, while lta's are the opposite. (at least in my somewhat limited experience) The white foot is weird though the condy i had and the lta i have both have...
  3. chano

    Really happy about this one

    I got an green lta for my maroon hoping it would take to it. As soon as i put it in the tank my maroon started kind of checking it out. The lta moved to the sandbed and the maroon started digging out a spot for it to plant its foot. The maroon has not left it since But it is still moving sand...
  4. chano

    Question about featherdusters

    I had a rock in my system for about 8 months. It has probably 40 or so small dusters on it. Ill skip the bad part about my gf crashing my tanks but all of the fish, inverts, (except one turbo snail) and corals (except one zoo polyp and 3 mushrooms) died. I have my tank set up at my new house...
  5. chano

    Who Lives In Pa ???

    williamsport pa here,
  6. chano

    WTB gold stripe maroon

    Originally Posted by peachie98 I know they have them for sale on this site...and the one I got a few months ago is gorgeous! He is a baby and is just now getting his gold in the stripes...but he also is a misbar (pretty cool). He's one of the healthiest fish I've gotten...even after shipping...
  7. chano

    WTB gold stripe maroon

    I am looking for another gold stripe. I am in PA zip 17701 if you are not local.
  8. chano

    Give my babies a good home (Philly burbs)

    Originally Posted by majormaz where is your place in relation to 08853(Branchburg, NJ) ? My tanks are about 60 miles from there at my ex's house. I am about 150 miles west/north west of there. She will be the one you will meet with i am just trying to find my fish a home so they dont die as...
  9. chano

    Give my babies a good home (Philly burbs)

    Me and my gf split up and my tanks are at her house and i need to get my babies a new home as i cannot move my tanks at this time and they are not being taken care of. I have 1 fuzzy dwarf lionfish 1 maroon clown 2 choc chip starfish 1 green brittle starfish 1 clown (not sure if its true perc...
  10. chano

    You know if you grew up in the 80's if:

    Good list I got two more (ok this was 89 but still always reminds me of the 80's) If you remember who had the Excelent Adventure and later a bogus journey. (i may be the only one who remembers this one nobody i know does) Pizza! Pizza!
  11. chano

    Worst thing you have heard from your LFS

    I am curious, I know we have all been give bad advice from one LFS or another. I would like to hear the insane things people have tried to tell you to part you from your money. I'll add a couple just to get it going. "There is no such thing as cycleing a salt water tank, The fish will adapt...
  12. chano

    Condi Anemone

    I agree with the above. Bare minimum is a good amount of PC. Which some will not necessarily agree with but my condy does well with it. Florescent are deffinately not enough for any anemone. PC you can get away with on condi's as long as you keep up on your bulb changes. as far as your fish...
  13. chano

    Please help, anemone sudden shrivel in 15 min

    I really think that everyone who gets an anemone goes through the "OH CRAP it's dieing phase. I know i did. Totally normal they all do it and they all freak us out at first.
  14. chano

    Condi eating fish??

    They are one of the most notorius fish eaters. I have got lucky with mine it doesn't eat anything its not supposed to. They are hit or miss it seems. It will either eat anything and everything it can in your tank or it will leave everything alone.
  15. chano

    Please Help! Anemone is dying! :( (Pics :( )

    If it is rotting away at the base and tenticles are actually comming off its dead most likely. Is it still attached to the rock? If it is can you take the rock out of the water to smell it? That is a sure fire way to tell if it is dead pull it out of the water you will know by the smell...
  16. chano

    my little friends

    Since i went so long without a camera now that i got one i cant stop taking pic's. I thought i might share some of my pic's of my tank with you all. My lion seems to really like the camera as i cant take a pic of anything in the 65 without him getting right out in front. I told him to smile so...
  17. chano

    It's Incredible that the NFL Allows This Kind of Conduct

    Don't get me wrong i totally agree but at the same time everyone is cracking down so hard on all these sports players and the catholic church has been covering up people in their organizations molesting children for years. They were caught red handed and still nothing has been done. Who gives...
  18. chano

    Something other than anemone

    Originally Posted by TangWhispr Clowns hosting anything other then an anemone will eventually kill its host, Oh man i hope they dont kill my mag-float i have noticed when they bring it food it doesn't seem to eat any of it.
  19. chano

    Shrinking Anemone

    My anemone does this all the time. If they are expelling waste, water changes, water parameters change, or the lights go off. They shrink down to adjust their internal water chemistry. If its not happening for long peiods of time (a couple of days) Personaly i wouldnt worry about it if there...
  20. chano

    Percula Clownfish Color almost pale-white

    This is just a possibility and not a sure thing and i don't mean to worry you or anything but it is possible that your anemones are haveing a bit of a chemical wafare bout and this could be stressing your fish out. Again not a given but it is a possibility. IMO it would be best to seperate the...