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  1. karvis

    wierd thing crawled out of live rock!

    Something crawled out of a new piece of live rock. It looks like a thin striped nudibranch, but it is black with a single stripe that goes down the body from the head to the bottom. It hides during most of the day and swims like a sting ray.
  2. karvis

    i started over, what a mistake

    i came home one day to see my mother tearing down my tank. she was sick of the algae. now its back. brown, green, the coralline on the rocks are being smothered with algae. why me! suggestions? will a uv work? - please help before i go insane! whats a girl to do?
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  4. karvis

    Undergravel filter, yes or no?

    I have read many books on fish keeping and they all say undergravel filter is a must. However I don't see people with undergravel filters on this site... My question is, Why not? Is it because of the risk of algae clogging up the bottom? Please tell me why you wish not to and the reasons why...
  5. karvis

    id anemone... pics...

    i will not get an anemone. i will wait a month or two and get a hardy coral. my clown does not need one and it is doing fine on its own.
  6. karvis

    id anemone... pics...

    well, went back to the lfs today and they said they had it for three years.... they said that was the normal life time in the aquarium.... gosh they suck, they could told me this before i bought it. they took it out of the water to put it in the bag which i KNOW your not supposed to do. when i...
  7. karvis


    my blenny tries to kiss the glass and suck the algae off. my clowm swims in circles.
  8. karvis

    Help me stock my 125 reef

    scooter blennies, six line wrasse, scarlet or flame hawkfish, and a yellow-headed jawfish
  9. karvis

    Halide lighting watts

    my 75 has 2 250's, the more, THE BETTER!
  10. karvis

    id anemone... pics...

    just came out of shock click the link below
  11. karvis

    I just figured out how big my tank is: The guy I bought it from lied!

    how big did you think it was before?
  12. karvis

    clown rejects anemone

    i just bought a long tentical anemone yesterday after seein many percs living in them. why does mine feel so special? i got it yesterday and it has been doing well, fully expanded.... does it take time for the clown to make it home? TIA
  13. karvis

    B-Ionic Question

    you should ask another person. was the container opened before you bought it? seals broken? holes?
  14. karvis

    Feed how often??

    once a day for me enough that they can eat in 5 minutes. i have the same fish and they seem to enjoy it
  15. karvis

    super lights not needed IMO

    you dont need to spend much. online there are cheap lights for 1/2 less then at the lfs. <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> are some cheap lights. the mh's here would cost 2x more at the lfs
  16. karvis

    Finally, pictures of my 10 gal!

    you got 2 love the clean tanks. was that yor six line wrasse in the first picture? pretty. mine has a yellow tail
  17. karvis


    <a href="" target="_blank">webshots</a> there isn't a lot but there are pics of the begining and now!
  18. karvis


    love the firefish
  19. karvis


    my profile was all messed up. it said the last time i updated it was march 26! i updated it a couple days ago
  20. karvis

    Help! I have no idea what is wrong!

    if the crabs have "shell envy" like mine did, then they will kill to get the shell on them. Mine used the shell for a day then tossed it. (crazy because i have a lot of turbo shells...) it could also be because you did not acclimate the snails enough, they need a extra long time.