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  1. sov82

    3 X 96 Watt PC Power Compact 36" 36 inch Aquarium Light For Sale

    Auction Ends in 3 Hours. Still at a Great Price!
  2. sov82

    3 X 96 Watt PC Power Compact 36" 36 inch Aquarium Light For Sale

    In the auction, there is plenty of details about the light. Thanks
  3. sov82

    3 X 96 Watt PC Power Compact 36" 36 inch Aquarium Light For Sale

    Listing tonite on our favorite auction site: 36" 3 X 96 Watt Power Compact Light 288 Total Watts! Bulbs are 50/50s Bulbs were just replaced (used for 1 week) Light is in Mint Condition and is a COMPLETE unit (not retro) Light will give you enough light to adequately grow coralline and many...
  4. sov82

    Most effective RODI for $

    Check the famous auction site. They have very nice ones at nice prices...Water General
  5. sov82

    anyone know of stores in nyc that sell cheato ?

    I know a great auction site that always has it for sale
  6. sov82

    CustomSeaLife Metal Halide Ballast Question

    Is this just an educated guess? I don't want to buy the wrong type of bulb since I'm "forced" to buy online.
  7. sov82

    CustomSeaLife Metal Halide Ballast Question

    I have a CustomSeaLife Ballast with 2 175 watt BluelinePlus Metal Halide Bulbs. Does anyone know what type of ANSI Ballast this is? I have looked all over the ballast and I do not see it anywhere. CustomSeaLife is now out of business so I can't contact them. Thanks in advance.
  8. sov82

    Ballast Type

    It is a single ended setup. There are no markings on the ballast. Any recommendations on 175 watt bulbs? Price really isn't an issue...that being said, I'd like the best bang for the buck...(eg. If a bulb is 20% more than another bulb, but only 1% better, I'd rather get the cheaper bulb...but...
  9. sov82

    Ballast Type

    Hi, I bought my 2X175 watt MH setup used. Im not sure what type of ballast I have. My ballast is pretty large. My bulbs look like the standard XM, Ushio, Hamilton's. When I bought my setup I was told the lights were "blueline's". Any help? Any other information that would help you...
  10. sov82

    quick question about hypo

    If your fish look like they are doing OK, then go for 72hours. If your fish aren't doing so well, I'd try to do it in 48hours.
  11. sov82

    Achilles Tang - Surviving?

    I have an Achillies Tang Credit for this site....its for a free achillies tang. You would have to pay shipping. I'd sell it for $25 if you decide you want me - w/ Subject FISH
  12. sov82

    Montipora Problems

    I have two Montipora Frags. Since I got them, they both have almost doubled in size. However, they are loosing their color and turning white. In effect, they are loosing the little "fingers" that stick off the body. My PH is inline, Calcium is around 500, no nitrite problems... I add...
  13. sov82

    Whats a good MH Bulb Manufacturer?

    Any recommendations on MH bulbs? 175watts... My Light = 2X175 w/ 4X65 03 Actinics....on a 90 Gallon Reef with Mostly Softies My current MHs are 6 months old and its probably time to replace them due to age (though they still look just like when I got them...). I'm not looking for the best...
  14. sov82

    What's wrong with Scuba Steve? **HELP**

    They get pale when the lights are off or low....when you turn your lights on full blast, does he brighten up?
  15. sov82

    To Avoid Getting Ripped off in Classified Sales...

    best advice. dont spend more than you can afford to lose. odds are sooner or later you will run into a bad deal I agree with that. However, you're $500 ring argument is assuming you fail to look at the users feedback. Would I buy someone expensive from someone on ----? Yes and I do all the...
  16. sov82 Credit - Anyone ever have problems?

    I've had a credit for an Achillies Tang since December. I check this site almost daily and the fish has not be available. I've emailed them and they always promise the fish will be available in a couple days. Now its almost March. Anyone else ever have a similar problem? I've requested a...
  17. sov82

    To Avoid Getting Ripped off in Classified Sales...

    It takes a lot more than what you said to get away with fraud if its a ----/Paypal deal. Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely that someone would go through that effort to commit a $35-$200 fraud (most items sell for those ranges on this site...). Paypal looks at a lot more than just the...
  18. sov82

    To Avoid Getting Ripped off in Classified Sales...

    It bothers me seeing threads every week about someone ripping someone off. I would REALLY recommend if you are going to buy something from the classified section, have the seller make an ---- auction and pay via Paypal. Even if you have to pay a couple dollars more to cover listing fees, at...
  19. sov82

    Another Lfs Did It Again!!! Need Help Quick!

    if you are unsure, dont add them. bring them back tomorrow. You'll be stuck with them for a long time and you'll never be happy.