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  1. gatorwpb

    Post Pictures of your refugium here!!!!!

    Originally Posted by karak40 What size fuge should I get for my 250 gallon tank? I think the sump should be 25%+ of the main tank. You'd do fine with a 55 or 75 as yours. He is my 20long used with my 65g display. Its got a Euro Reef RS100 skimmer, 3" sand bed, cheato, Xenia (like tdog lol)...
  2. gatorwpb

    your opinions on...

    Originally Posted by Culp same here. i had a cyno problem and put the phosphate reactor on my tank and have yet to see any know cyno growth after using the redslime remover. I dont any more, but I used to use Phosban and the TLF reactor for a cyano outbreak. It is a wonderful piece of...
  3. gatorwpb

    I just got some ORA Screaming Green Birdsnest

    If the parameters remain stable throughout the 6 weeks, it should be fine. It may brown out a little, but the color will return once it is put in the display tank. I also dont QT sps, but I will dip from now on.
  4. gatorwpb

    Updated SPS tanks pics!

    Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 wow, very, very nice!!!! I am extremely impressed. Can you go into detail about your home made two part solution? Hey Snake - check out "bulk reef supply". They offer the 2-part kits and the slim jugs that I used. You get the dry chemicals and mix it with...
  5. gatorwpb

    Updated SPS tanks pics!

    Time for an update! Just replaced the modded MJ1200s with a pair of Vortech MP40ws. Still figuring them out, but they are amazing for flow and small size. Also, picked up a pair of Drews Doser to dose my homemade 2-part solution. I have them hooked up to a multi-timer on the controller in the...
  6. gatorwpb

    SPS ID Help!!!

    its difficult to tell species or names until the frags grow into colonies. unless you know more, they are just Acropora sp. until you can tell more about coralite structure and colony pattern growth. nice looking frags though.
  7. gatorwpb

    Compact 2-part dosing system

    Originally Posted by ifirefight Looks good Gator, I have the same set-up,and highly recommend it. Thanks Ifirefight. I think I remember seeing your thread and it probably helped convince me the pumps were good. Each pumps seems...
  8. gatorwpb

    Compact 2-part dosing system

    Thanks guys. The skinny jugs came from the same site as the pumps and the 2-part dry chemicals that I mixed - bulk reef supply. Originally Posted by Stanlalee well I'm sold on the pumps and containers! now the question is do I wait for the reef keeper lite or get the reef keeper 2? I really...
  9. gatorwpb

    calcium reactor

    Originally Posted by Devil Dog I've never heard anyone say that before... you are breaking down died coral so everything that it took to make the died one’s you are adding to your tank... so it will have magnesium and strontium in it, all the trace elements you need... yes youre right, my...
  10. gatorwpb

    Compact 2-part dosing system

    Just wanted to share with you guys my new 2-part dosing system. I had very little room to work with and after a bunch of thinking, finally decided to get something to help with all the dosing and help stabilize my parameters even more. Also, with the supplements I am dosing, this will make...
  11. gatorwpb

    SPS Help

    Originally Posted by BoneSnapper Where do you get the ATI bulbs, my LFS doesn't have them. I also can't seem to find them on a good site. google "hello lights" I believe that is the site I was looking at. Other good sites are reef geek and reef specialty.
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    got around to taking some new pics

    wow thats a lot of pics!!! But look at that growth!! Very nice man!!
  13. gatorwpb

    So excited!! First real SPS frags!!

    Ive found and others have said, that the ponape prefers less strong light than my other sps. The colors are better and get too light under the stronger lights. So once I moev mine off the frag rack, I'll be putting it in the middle of the tank. They all prefer strong flow. As the frags turn...
  14. gatorwpb

    Deepwater Acro ID (pic)

    Yeah either A. suharsonoi or A. caroliniana
  15. gatorwpb

    Beginner SPS

    Originally Posted by CedarReef Sounds good. How many gph are the modded maxi-jets? you may only need one MJ1200 as the mods give them either 1600 or 2100 gph depending on which propellar you use.
  16. gatorwpb

    Updated SPS tanks pics!

    Originally Posted by Scopus Tang Gator, tank is looking awesome. How do you like the new controller? Was it difficult to set up? Got a buddy who's trying to talk me into getting one, but I haven't made it past the price tag yet . Hey Scopas. Love the controller. If price is an issue...
  17. gatorwpb

    Am I Ready for SPS?

    Originally Posted by nina&noah Thanks! Both posts gave me some great information. Are all of the SPS about the same, or are there some that are easier to keep than others? What are some good "beginner" sps corals? Once you get the hang of them, most become easy to keep. Also, the...
  18. gatorwpb

    SPS Help

    Originally Posted by BoneSnapper Also on my Nova, I am running the bulbs it came with. 10000 K, and 460nm Actinic. Are these okay to run? There are a lot of better bulbs to use than the stock ones. With just 10k and actinic, you are not utilitizing the flexibility of t-5s. ATI makes some...
  19. gatorwpb

    Am I Ready for SPS?

    other than the things listed above, the most commonly overlooked issues with sps are calcium and alkalinity. frequently a tank with lots of softies or lps will have low alk, because they can survive with low alkalinity, where sps will RTN very quickly. so my suggestion is make sure you have a...
  20. gatorwpb

    Food for SPS...what do you feed yours?

    sps are able to thrive with just light, proper water quality, and fish waste like 05x said. phytoplankton is too small for sps to take up, but they are a basis of food for things that sps may eat. when I used it all I got was cyano some people do use oyster eggs because supposedly they are...