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  1. earlybird

    Parting with small tank in SW Florida

    $400 obo. I'm going to break it down next week and will start a new thread when I do so please reply only if you are interested in taking the the whole tank.
  2. earlybird

    Parting with small tank in SW Florida

    Originally Posted by clownfishluvr I am interested in the fish and rocks other supplies. call me or email me maybe I can come sunday to look at them. I am in Ft Myers, email, I will give you my # Email sent. You might want to edit and delete your email. Spammers.
  3. earlybird

    Which are you?

    Nearly 100% of the parking lots in Florida have wide spots and at an angle. To accommodate the snow birds and their big cars maybe. I forgot that when I moved to Florida years ago I found that strange. For that reason I don't normally worry about what the car looks like I park next to.
  4. earlybird

    Which are you?

    When parking at the mall or any store do you grab the first spot available or do you drive circles looking for the closest spot? Yesterday I watched a woman drive around 3 times looking for a closer spot. By the time she got the spot I was walking into the store. I found humor with the situation...
  5. earlybird

    Parting with small tank in SW Florida

    Originally Posted by Clown4Life what do you have left any rock? PM sent.
  6. earlybird

    My star pollips havn't bloomed?

    They are strange and my guess is they'll be fine in a few days if they aren't already. Mine close up for a day or two every now and then. They are tough to kill.
  7. earlybird

    Is it ok to leave the removable glass covers on my 175 -?

    More and more people are going with no covers these days. There are more benefits to a coverless tank unless you have fish that are known to jump. Even then a lot of people gamble with egg crate rather than have a constricting cover. Removing the cover will help with tank temperature stability...
  8. earlybird

    I need the unbiased average americans opinion

    Did anyone catch the video of, what I assume to be one of the higher ups in that organization, giving a press conference after the fight? He started off saying that Thompson (?) was rushed by ambulance to a hospital and is having problems breathing. While speaking Thompson, who was supposed to...
  9. earlybird

    What do you think about s-e-x education being taught in the classroom?

    Until they require a permit or something for parents to have kids I think absolutely it should be taught in schools. The world is full of dumb people who have kids. I live near a 13 yr old girl that is pregnant. I seriously doubt her dead beat parents gave her the "talk."
  10. earlybird

    what protein skimmers should i avoid

    Not sure if there's been a design upgrade but stay away from using the coralife super skimmer as a hang on. Works great in sump but has the tendency to malfunction/overflow it seems more often than others.
  11. earlybird

    Zoanthid Preditors

    Not really a predator but a nusiance is the vermetid snail who's "webbing" can agitate the zoanthid.
  12. earlybird

    Nassarius Snail

    Maybe an olive snail? They get pretty big. A LFS near me sells them with their nass snails.
  13. earlybird

    Bubble Algae & Aiptasia

    Found it
  14. earlybird

    Bubble Algae & Aiptasia

    I'd try to get a few more peppermint shrimp and if you are, stop feeding the shrimp so they are forced to find food. As for the bubble algae, I had some in the beginning and I manually removed them and ended up popping two of them. Spores must have released but I haven't seen any since. Someone...
  15. earlybird

    Hunting big shark

    Originally Posted by bigarn lol ... the question was for COWFISH. Ha. Didn't even see his post.
  16. earlybird

    So I gotta ask...

    The bigger the challenge the bigger the reward.
  17. earlybird

    Clean Up Crew

    Originally Posted by Nordy I think that's a good start for your CUC. I have a 55gal tank and currently have a sally lightfoot, 2 emerald crabs, a couple of large hermits, about a dozen other smaller ones, and about 30 assorted snails, plus one cleaner shrimp. Be prepared for your hermits to...
  18. earlybird

    Hunting big shark

    Originally Posted by bigarn bring your bed out on the water often? Yep. I've got some nice vinyl bean bags that serve as a bed on those late night trips.
  19. earlybird

    hose clamp recommendations

    I had a plastic hose clamp on my return pump and I couldn't get it tight enough and it ended up slipping and my return pump turned into a geyser.
  20. earlybird

    hose clamp recommendations

    I'd use a stainless hose clamp. Found at any hardware store. Just don't over tighten or it will cut through the plastic.