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  1. jim27

    ID this shark

    Definatly some kind of a bamboo shark, possibly an unusual color variant of a brownbanded bamboo. You're pretty lucky to have such a unique looking shark.
  2. jim27

    Tank Pics

    Yeah I've still got my tank. It just has a lone whitespotted bamboo in it now though. I haven't been around in a long while because I've been pretty busy with school.
  3. jim27

    Tank Pics

    Whatever happened to the bonnethead?
  4. jim27

    Who is your favorite....

    Nightcrawler and Spiderman were always my favorites.
  5. jim27

    Thinkin about a 180 for a shark

    I'm a big fan of myreefcreations skimmers. I have an MR-3 on my 180g and it kicks ass. Andy over there is a really great and helpful EDIT- Also, if you want a good quality skimmer for the tank you're gonna end up paying at least $400+ for it in most cases. Or if you...
  6. jim27

    Thinkin about a 180 for a shark

    Bamboos ARE cat sharks Bamboos and epaulettes are in the family hemiscylliidae. True catsharks are in the family scyliorhinidae. Bamboos are not cat sharks.
  7. jim27

    Thinkin about a 180 for a shark

    I'm afraid I would not be able to give it the attention it needs In my experience shark tanks are the easiest things to take care of. The kinds of sharks you're considering keeping are very hardy and tolerant when it comes to water quality. People say sharks need perfect water and everything...
  8. jim27

    Rings or Harry???

    Lord of the Rings has nothing on Star Wars in my opinion, and that includes the prequel trilogy as well, despite how fashionable it is to hate it. I still haven't seen the last Rings, but I did read all three books before the movies came out and so far I've liked the books more. Middle Earth...
  9. jim27

    Is my clam gaping?

    Your clam is fine. Like skilos said, the incurrent syphon(the thing that looks like a mouth) will open WIDE and the little tentacles around the opening will curl up. You'll know when your clam is gaping.
  10. jim27

    calling ALL shark owners!!

    Originally posted by mattiej The black banded bamboo shark is a member of the cat shark family. In the wild it can reach to almost five feet... If you're talking about chiloscyllium punctatum then thats incorrect. They're not true catsharks. And according to everything I've ever read about...
  11. jim27

    Star Wars Books

    I've just recently got into reading the Star Wars books as well. So far I've read Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, Shadows of the Empire, and I just got Heir to the Empire. I loved both SotE and SH. Since you haven't read it yet, I recommend Shadow Hunter. I've also heard Shatterpoint was really good...
  12. jim27

    What was your very first job?

    I'm at my first job right now. I'm a bag boy(or 'courtesy clerk' as they call it) at a grocery store. I bag groceries, push them out to your car, bring the cart back in, and then do it all over again.
  13. jim27


    I watch it whenever its on. I love that show.
  14. jim27


    Actually, both. I just started working at a grocery store to help pay for college.
  15. jim27


    I'm graduating also this thurdsay. I never though I'd be this happy to be done with high school. :D
  16. jim27

    20g Nano looking for suggestions

    I'm pretty sure he only had one pump for his fuge. It would be a HUGE pain in the ass to try and match flow rates EXACTLY for the two pumps. Especially since one would be pumping water up while the other pumping down. With a drain, water only flows back to the tank as fast as its pushed into the...
  17. jim27

    angel or butterfly in a 20 long?

    I think you'd be fine putting one of the smaller dwarf angels in a 20L. Like a yellowtail(gets 2") or a cherub angel(gets 3"). I would stay away from some of the bigger dwarf angels like coral beauties and stuff though. Personally I had a cherub in my 20H for a while until it got sucked into the...
  18. jim27

    Anyone run a large aggressive tank with a skimmer only?

    Two weeks ago the eel decided to go exploring and ended up in the sump(and luckily avoided the intake of the mag 24) but other than that its been great. I'm not planning to add anything else to the tank though. For now the sharks should be safe since they're both about 6 inches bigger than it...
  19. jim27

    Anyone run a large aggressive tank with a skimmer only?

    First to clear a few things up: This is a 3 year old tank we're talking about here, not one I'm planning on setting up. Its been without a wet/dry for the past year. W/out live rock, or a wet/dry where is the benefical bacteria to live? The tank has about 200lbs of live sand in it as well as...
  20. jim27

    Anyone run a large aggressive tank with a skimmer only?

    Well thats the thing. I dont have a lot of live rock. Maybe 30-40lbs at most. I'm just curious because my 180g shark tank has been like this for the past year or so. I haven't noticed any changes since I took off the wet/dry. I'm just wondering if someone out there has done this with negative...