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  1. hawkfish203

    test kits

    Sailfert for alk, cal, mag. Quick dip test strips for ph, ammonia, nitrate.
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    Zoo colors

    If the ones in the shade look better I would move them down not up. Put them on on the bottom for alittle and see if anything changes. Most of the time when zoanthids want more light you will notice that they will have long stalks, as if stretching towards the light. Hope this helps!
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    Those are purple hornets.
  5. hawkfish203

    id coral please.

    Looks like another type of mushroom. Can you get a closer/better picture?
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    Vertex Illumina led lighting settings

    I know this is a old post but looking for updates. I'm running RB-60 B-70 W-10 for almost a year now. Zoas and palys grow quick, sps and chalice growing but very slow. I just turned my RB and B up 5% recently. They are on 10hrs with a 2hr ramp up and 2hr ramp down, Im thinking of doing a 3hr...
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    HELP!!! Purple Tang with White Oval like Spots on Stomach!!!!

    Wow tang police! 2 most agressive tangs?!?! We don't even know the size of the tangs. I would say there is defenitly some aggression going on there but only due to the length of time the purple has been in the tank before the naso was added. I would consider moving the rock work around so the...
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    NEED HELP!!!!

    I'm going to guess it could be your tap water. Tap water tends to have metals in the water like lead and copper. Also you get high phospates from tap water. I have also heard of people finding ammonia in there water. I personally would leave no fish in for 6 weeks to let the ick run it's life...
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    Please Identify Coral (with pictures)

    Bottom pic is zoas or polyps. Top I'm not sure hard to tell from pic maybe a favia. Definietly not sps corals.
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    I need help identifying coral!!

    Purple sponge possibly
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    new pump problem

    You are running your return through a uv?
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    need coral I.d.

    Second picture looks like it could be a elegance. Not looking so hot though.
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    What kind of anemone is this?

    It is a very nice looking anemone :-)
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    What kind of anemone is this?

    Im going with yellow sebae anemone.
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    Why do my fish keep disappearing?!?!

    Those are some large fish for a 30g tank. Stress could be a main factor. Your salinity is a bit high as well I believe the red sea is something like 1.030 but not all your fish will tolerate that high of a salinity.
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    Vertex Illumina led lighting settings

    No one is running the illuminas?!?!
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    New SWFS in Connecticut!

    Haha yea thats a bit far but worth the drive. All the little swfs seem to be closing around here in CT. The big chains seems to be taking over but there just horrible.
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    New SWFS in Connecticut!

    Anyone check It out???
  19. hawkfish203

    New SWFS in Connecticut!

    Anyone check I out???