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  1. saltymom

    For Sale 180 Gallon Seymour Indiana

    Getting out of this hobby. The tank has algae growth now and needs some TLC...has loads of live sand and live rock. a couple of colt coral, a few fish, a lobster and a cleaner shrimp. Custom hood/canopy Its huge and heavy. Metal halides, moon lights etc. It all has to go, Im not interested in...
  2. saltymom

    Help me name my sailboat.

    "slippery when wet"
  3. saltymom

    Picture Game

  4. saltymom

    Weird Eating Habits

    Oreos or Chips O Hoy dipped in sour cream Oreos dipped in country crock butter Applesauce and cottage cheese minute Rice and vanilla icecream
  5. saltymom

    heres a change post pics of ur dogs!

    My son and Rudy sleeping in! Rudy and Echo Rudy
  6. saltymom

    Kids say the funniest stuff...

    along time ago...and my grammas funeral when my oldest son was about four years old. It was time for the service..just as soon as it got quiet and you could hear a pin son in his loudest normal voice "MOMMY? SHE GONNA FLY UPTA HEAVEN IN THAT THANG?" ...u know how you react in...
  7. saltymom

    150 Saltwater tank.

    that rock creation is certainly alot different than anything Ive ever seen before! I hope that stuff is glued together some how..I really dont think I would trust it stacked straight up like that. ....I would sooo not be able to sleep at night, afraid falling rock would bust my glass! Tell us...
  8. saltymom

    Any horsey people out there?

    when I was growing up..I had a morgan/quarter mix. My dad had the most beautiful palamino paso fino gelding. He lived to be 26 years old. He was such a pleasure to ride and so easy going..babies could run between his legs or old women could sit on his back. There was nothing he wouldnt do for...
  9. saltymom

    Any horsey people out there?

    he is beautiful
  10. saltymom

    post pic of your dogs!!

    tasha looks like she has an attitude with Titus! Ive seen that SAME exact look between Echo and Rudy before!! She looks like "get away from my dad" and looks like "save me dad, shes about to snap"
  11. saltymom

    FS Choc Chip Star : Seymour, IN

    anyone around here TAKE the thing ...I will give it to ya if youll come get it!
  12. saltymom

    post pic of your dogs!!

    I think they were black snakes...I know for sure, that one is kinda more brown. I think they were mating..the biggest one was brown..then there were two smaller black ones. I didnt like em much either...they finally went away after all the barking. The dogs never did hurt them
  13. saltymom

    post pic of your dogs!!

    Hi!! Everyones dogs are great! These are my dogs, Rudy and Echo. They are both adopted rescue dogs. Both were saved from lives of abuse and neglect. Why people get dogs and then not take care of them is beyond me, its so sad. Echo was dumped in a wet ditch, and left there to die with parvo...
  14. saltymom

    FS Choc Chip Star : Seymour, IN

    day2 bump
  15. saltymom

    FS Choc Chip Star : Seymour, IN

    15$ or possible trade for something. has been raised from a tiny baby...hand feeds luvs silversides. Must pick up in Seymour Indiana NO shipping. :happyfish email
  16. saltymom

    plants brought flys indoors

    I use raid home and garden on my house plants..BEFORE I haul them back inside for the winter! I dont like the spiders that come in!
  17. saltymom

    Is there an ophthamalogist in the house??

    .SInce we are on the baby girl 5 yrs old has come down with PINK EYE ....ughhh in both, shes got PINKEYES!! I hate this for her. but looks like it was about the same time last year...that she had it, and I still have the prescription in her name, it says discard after...
  18. saltymom

    John Edward ?

    Im very excited!! I may be a lunatic, but I believe in him! lol Slyvia Brown, I just dont buy..I think could do the same thing she does! She wont even let those ppl finish what they want to say or ask! LOL...but John Edward, he doesnt seem to guess or be vague..he seems very detailed....I...
  19. saltymom

    SAW the movie

    I saw SAW tonight...Whoaa whatta flick. That is the best HORROR movie Ive seen ina long long time. I thought it was good.
  20. saltymom

    anyone keep cockatiels?

    This is our Katie bird....we've had her for years. Shes such a sweetie!